I KNOW WHAT AC 548 is. A flight from Vancover to Newark tomorrow!

That is the exact name of an AIR CANADA flight from VANCOVER that leaves at 9:00am and lands in NEWARK, NJ at 5:10 pm. It leaves tomorrow June 10th. If you look at the archive pdf the times match up! Must be something right?

So we have a top secret “asset” being moved from Vancover to the "facility in Newark NJ. by AGENT LOWELL BENNINGAN. Whoever put this together didn’t leave any details out. I have no clue if this will help but I am 100% POSITIVE that is what they are talking about in the top secret pdf.


actually, the flight number was also from a flight on June 8th, from Vancouver to New York. an agent took that flight to bring the package from Vancouver to the café, where Discord user nikel picked it up. now, the flight number is being re-used.

good eye, though!

Ah. Yes. I just started this today and obviously am behind the curve and was a little to anxious. :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully I will be caught up tomorrow with the radio broadcast.

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Definitely take the time to get caught up. It’s worth it!

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