I accidentally hit the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email


Please tell me there is a way I can resubscribe!!!


I think you just have to sign up on the original website to be a CSD member. But I don’t know if you will still retain the same CSD designation number. That may not matter much anyways though, the important things seem to be just the surveys. Worse-case-scenario, you can write to A&S via email and they may be able to get you back on. I hear they are reasonable and friendly.

Here is the website link:


Go to the Waking Titan website and see if there is something there that lets you get emails from them again… Barring that, a note to Alice and Smith?

EDIT: Please let us know if you succeed or not?


Thank you to both of you. I put my email back into the original site which I forgot about LOL. Where on walkingtitan.com would I look because I’m on my phone right now. Who are A&S? I also replied to the last old gods email I got which was about talking to a dreamer and doing the survey and told them what happened.


A&S is short for Alice and Smith…they are the ARG company that HG hired to create the ARG and they are the ones who run these forums as well I believe.


Well I got the Alice and Smith part from the second post LOL, but what email should I use?


Probably replying to the Old Gods email should reach them in regards to Waking Titan. In terms of reaching Hello Games there is the zendesk but they’re probably not involved in this at all as far as email subscriptions to Waking Titan go.


Okay thank you. I thought because everyone was saying these specific names there was a specific email I should use. I’ll admit I haven’t been as involved as I would like to be.


Use the link in my first reply to you. Enter your email there.


I did thank you. I just hope I keep the same designation like you said.


Also we still haven’t used our Atlas passes right?


Correct…the atlas passes have not yet been used for anything.


You are very welcome. Mistakes happen :wink:



You can also write to info@aliceandsmith.com

Note: They will read your email but most likely not respond to you.


Ha, I just did the same thing, blindly clicking unsubscribe while assuming it was the “load remote content/images” button. Ugh.


Thanks, I emailed them as well.