[GalacticHub] 1st Official post for the GHUB and multiplayer race video


Hello everyone, im AndyKrycek one of the mods over on reddit.com/r/NMSGalacticHub. Just wanted to say a warm hello to everyone and encourage people to come and check us out on the subreddit, we have a tonne of discoveries, wiki pages, farms, bases and much much more.

We have our Pin badges which will be available to order on the 30th October

ALSO, at the moment we have our racing tournament up and running and i would love you guys to check out this video of a 4 player synced race we had last night. So much fun!

Anywho feel free to contact me on here or over on the subreddit



That’s a sweet looking badge. Pretty cool race as well with quite a unique location for a crashed freighter. Welcome @AndyKrycek, keep up the good work!


Now that was fun to watch!