Found a strange planet

This listed as a planet having “stellar” corruption. I’ve seen this already talked about in another thread but this one stuck out a bit more, imo.

Take a look. There were four planets, a Heimal, a Scorched, a Miasmatic, and then of course, the Stellar Corruption planet. It has some strange modifiers. The first thing, was the thick atmosphere that blankets the surface. Couldn’t make out what kind of terrain there was even from close orbit. The color scheme dropped to a very strange hue… Di-hydrogen became yellow, the ground was grey. The sky was dark everywhere. It was truly unique.


Here’s the planet without the scanner view and during a superheated rainstorm. If you didn’t see it, the scanner says the planet suffers from Blood Rain. Lol. Interesting…


And the last one, without the superheated rainstorm, no scanner and just the default view. It was very peculiar. It’s the first strange planet I’ve found in Euclid. Might’ve had bad luck for these I guess. I’m pretty far into progression I guess. Over 300mil made, 20k nanites, I survive easily everywhere… And it took this long to find something like this…


Wecome to the forum @Danizal! I also keep finding new things since the last update. NMS just keeps getting better.

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The Chromatic Biome gives the type visual effect that you describe.