Fauna 🦕


I had to go underwater in order for the scanner to even detect them. Once the red dots do show up, do not stop scanning. Eventually they’ll be revealed.


Thank you Temp!


Angel Cat Fish

Anteater ?


Where in Space is Carmen Sandiego. my favorite of all of them.



That’s a great looking fish!!


Wow that little bear thingy is cute too. It looks very huggable :smiley:


Of course we all know the truth about cute, huggable alien creatures :smile:


I love that movie!



Yeah… they’re like those blue noseless things from Rick & Morty, too, huh?



Starting to wonder if I was getting too tired and was hallucinating or something when I found the half deer, and also every time I feed the critters, they poop corbite(sp)LMAO


Love that creature SingularGleam. Great pic!


Your captions and other people’s captions are so hilarious, thank’s for the laughs lol Johnnycloud.
The people on this forum have the best demeanor, passion for No Mans’s Sky, and sense of humor. It’s refreshing.




@Nightazure, I searched for more diplos, but no more diplos could be found. You can not feed the adults, but the babys can be fed.

Found these guys in a cave.

On another planet. AA


Holy cow Sir_Oops, the head on that one! It’s bazaar. Now the really big ones like that I cannot feed. The medium ones and tiny ones. And I see yours is pooping minerals as well lol. Wow the big ones poop massive cobrite(sp) lol. They must have added sound effects to the really big ones now because when they walk around me they make a huge footstep sound. Reminds me of the T-Rex in Jurassic park!
That is a cool pic to of your flashlight on that little green things with the bumps on its back. I’ll have to add a few more that I took the last few days of some more cool stuff I come across. Never ending wonder in this game with flora, fauna and the planets!


Can’t wait to see them. :grin: I would say this is the longest run on one game for me. Except for… no this one.