Fauna 🦕





The path ahead was difficult, treacherous and labyrinthine. Luckily I had the best Gek Sherpa this side of the Galaxy.



@Argent-Star your panini is ready


OMIgosh… :open_mouth:
That’s no panini…

That’s a Muffin on Steroidal-Legs! :scream:

Holy Cow! :open_mouth: :smiley: :open_mouth: :cold_sweat:


I love all your pics. What awesome creatures!
Meet my new friend. I even built a base where he roams. I can feed him, and he cuddles. He is my favorite one of all so far.
I love the new flora and fauna in NEXT. It’s amazing. I included the little baby ones too that are so much fun!

Happy Traveling!


Some Faunacation while in the Community Event


I had tried feeding the ones I found (see here). Would have been a crazy mess if that had been possible with that many, all at 8.1m tall. Happy to see yours can be fed :slight_smile:


you can feed those? OMG those things kick my butt when I am by the eggs lol That is a great pic too. The big one I fed was the first big creature I’ve ever been able to feed.
I was flabbergasted to be honest. But I was so happy I could feed a big one of those I made a base there lol.
I love all the creatures in the game but those are my favorites.
I have tried feeding big ones many many times before with no luck. Just keep trying, you will find some that you can feed. It’s sweet!


Sure you can feed them… With yourself!






I just found another one of these, and I was shocked, he drops big red coprite crystals after you feed him! It was so cool.


What cool colors and markings on those creatures!



Saw another dino type it ate “meat chunks” this guy on the other hand…


Holy cow that fish looks wicked. Those flying creatures are just gorgeous too. I haven’t had time to really look under the water for neat stuff yet. But glad they have added creatures!


Long horn. Almost got thru all my stock pile of pictures.

These guys at the Community mission planet (week 1) and the croaking noise they make.


Nice pics again! I’m so glad Hello Games changes the critters noises separately instead of that high pitched squeak/screaming they use to do.