Fauna 🦕


A few of the butterflies I’ve seen recently. Starting with the coolest one I’ve seen yet:


That first image does look cool, although it makes me wonder if this is intended or not. It doesn’t look like an issue with the ‘normals’, where often a texture is only visible from one side, rendering the back side as transparent. This often happens on those planets where some objects like mushrooms for example are scaled up to be huge. This then results in seeing through the cap when viewed from below. These mushrooms were not meant to be this large to be seen from below. With the new biomes they added, they forgot to ‘fix’ this.
See example here:

The butterfly in the back appears to have both sides visible, although showing fully transparent. So yes, either it is meant to be fully transparent, has no texture at all, or it failed to load correctly. Pretty cool regardless :slight_smile: I love the insects added in Next, except when they are as tiny as a few pixels, making them impossible to scan, or hard to even spot in the first place …

Edit: Included link to an example of the mushrooms being see-through.


They do move very fast. Took a while to successfully scan.


Every face is only rendered from one side. If you can see something from both sides, that means there are two faces, one facing each way (the normal being simply the direction of each vertex of a face). The problem with the mushrooms is that they don’t have an “inside” (downside, whatever), presumably because they were intended to be small, so meshing the inside would have been a needles waste of polygons.



In regards to the discussion regarding view perspectives.
Same creature viewed from above and from below.

Topside view.

Underside view.


Yum. Chocolate Drizzled Butterflies. :yum:



I have decided to cultivate jellyfish for underwater lighting.





What the heck? That fish is crazy lol.






These new butterflies are huge! 51 kgs, a whopping 112 lbs!



Here I come with the New Fauna! Pretty unusual!


Land of the big bugs…

Cool little jumping chips.


Anomalous Animal: