Fauna - Max Size


I could not find an existing topic so I created this to document the largest Fauna sizes encountered by the CSD travellers.


Today I came across the Largest/tallest Fauna creature I have encountered and recorded in my Travels .
Height = 8.36m


So funny! It looks like it is kicking your ship over. :scream:


Nice find. Biggest one I’ve found was 8.33


Some links worth checking out:

Fauna Hall of Fame (Gamepedia)


Yeah its amazing how that shot came out lol


I remember this…

I can’t give you an accurate size, but that one was pretty big (+wings)


With a little sneaky snappie just for the picture :joy:



Found these today

Nightmare Chicken Tim Burton type Fauna

Fungi Beetle Crab


I couldn’t find the size (I could swear I capped it) it’s big


Weird bear Dino dog thing


Here are the Females

Here are the Vectorized lol



Driving through these was like being in Jurassic Park. Forgot to scan for measurement.


Yeah welcome. The largest are 8.36m :crazy_face:




Not gigantic, but I found it disconcerting


I remember scanning a creature in at 8ft once, back when you could still also scan the variations in the species.

The variation happened to have two big massive wing like things on its back that were the same size as the creature itself, essentially doubling its size but this were not taken into account on its height.

I wish I’d still had the video but it was easily 14ft and I’m not even joking… I know I transfered everything on to my pc so I’m praying it’s still there once I get it fixed.


Could you post that fabulous predator over here aswell @SingularGleam? I will start to fill it again after Next launches! :cowboy_hat_face: