Famous Rock Band Documentary, as told by a Computer


Botnik Studios has struck again, this time making a rock band documentary with a predictive algorithm given many other such documentaries. The results are pretty hilarious.


Poor Dennis. It’s terrible to hear when someone spontaneously combusts from violence.


Thanks for sharing this @MacForADay, everyone at work enjoyed it too :slight_smile:


That was a damn good laugh, thank you! :smile:


Well I am going to be quoting this for the rest of my life, wow. Thank you Mac :joy:


“In 1999, things became…dramatic. Dennis lost his battle with violence, and exploded.”


Wow. That was tragic. Spontaneous combustion is always so sad. :sob:


Ha I sent my dad this video, and now he’s really confused :laughing:


“Without him, nobody knew how to play songs…”