Evil corrupted Korvax

Awhile back, Emily asked in a interview if we ever come across Korvax in No Man’s Sky that have been corrupted. More recently, I mentioned in another thread that I remembered a Korvax conversation about one that had become corrupted and gone rogue. I finally found this conversation again; unfortunately, I haven’t learned enough of the Korvax language on this save to tell what it says, but you can see how the game describes it. If I knew the language I remember it says something about death being a good thing.

Anyways, here is the screenshot of the corrupted Korvax conversation:


That is also the 2001 reference. Pull the chips. In fact, save, and read all three lol

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Oh wow, you’re right, it says it “sings softly to itself” as you pull out the chips, just like in 2001. I never got that reference, lol.

If you ask it, it says “sorry, I can’t do that.”

There’s a back to the future and a Douglas Adams one that are painfully obvious as well.

“Good morning unknown lifeform. Please provide silicates to help neural escape. The Korvax convergence think me dangerous. I face permanent disconnection.”

According to McAle at Korvax Optional Quests & Conversations | No Man's Sky

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