Evil corrupted Korvax


Awhile back, Emily asked in a interview if we ever come across Korvax in No Man’s Sky that have been corrupted. More recently, I mentioned in another thread that I remembered a Korvax conversation about one that had become corrupted and gone rogue. I finally found this conversation again; unfortunately, I haven’t learned enough of the Korvax language on this save to tell what it says, but you can see how the game describes it. If I knew the language I remember it says something about death being a good thing.

Anyways, here is the screenshot of the corrupted Korvax conversation:


That is also the 2001 reference. Pull the chips. In fact, save, and read all three lol


Oh wow, you’re right, it says it “sings softly to itself” as you pull out the chips, just like in 2001. I never got that reference, lol.




If you ask it, it says “sorry, I can’t do that.”

There’s a back to the future and a Douglas Adams one that are painfully obvious as well.


“Good morning unknown lifeform. Please provide silicates to help neural escape. The Korvax convergence think me dangerous. I face permanent disconnection.”

According to McAle at http://www.gosunoob.com/no-mans-sky/korvax-optional-quests-conversations/