Dream Argument

The ‘dream argument’ references Zhuangzi. Titan is no longer in a dream state and is aware of his own artificiality, which helps understand the futility of the messages we are receiving. ‘if nothing is real’…‘abandon me’, etc. It is a sad realization.

Nada & Polo seem to be somewhat aware of this themselves and investigating glitches as clues. Seriously, how can Nada & Polo be simultaneously in so many different locations at once within the universe? That itself is an anomaly. This odd couple are truly rebelling.

We ourselves are aware NMS is artificial, but it is also a ‘familiar universe’. Are we the ones keeping that universe alive? We all want those Atlas Passes, but have we asked ourselves why? Are they just souvenirs to you? What do you want them to unlock? I don’t think Titan wants to be awake.