D'ni and Rivenese Prepping for Riven

I might have borrowed it from my brother. :wink: I don’t recall whether there was a box? The book has cute monster doodles. And it’s localised to German. :smirk:


The monster doodles are one of my favorite things in Riven.
Happy cake day @DevilinPixy !


Free demo on Steam


Just played it. Took lots of screens but apparently there is no folder set up for that yet…? None of them saved…There is a nice new feature that allows you to save pics to a journal which has a nice place for typing in notes.
Puzzles tweaked just enough to have me ready for full release. I won’t spoil anything but I managed to make it to the dome. It has several new features and one very surprising event that I do not remember happening in the old game… :thinking: It definitely changes how I will be coming back around to the dome in the end…
I will add that I am trying to be kind about the character renderings but,…rubber bands and those plastic eyes you buy for sock puppets readily comes to mind. Cyan will take a beating for it


I did not expect a demo shortly before release, but I guess they hope to get some testing in?

As much as I’d love to give the demo a try, I I’ll actually pass and go for the full experience once ready.