CSD Certificate


Hey, remember that certificate we got for completing the tutorials in this? How do I access that, if I can? I’d like to print it out and put it up on my wall like a huge nerd.

Thx :slight_smile:


Go into your private messages and look up the discussion you had with discobot back when you did the tutorial.
You should find the image you can download at the end where you received your certification.


You are a wonderful person :laughing: Got it. Thx!


Not that it matters now, but, how would I complete the tutorial, I didn’t do it when I first created my account. If it’s not possible for it to be completed at this stage, that’s fine, I was just wondering if it was possible.

Thanks in advance


Yeah. I never did it either.
You message discobot and then follow the prompts.
This thread covered it…


Not too sure, my dude. It’s worth it, though. That cert looks cool. Maybe check where your achievements are and see if there is a way to do it there? Hope you can get it.


Go into settings and check “badges” - maybe there?


You get it by:
“messaging @discobot and saying either:
@discobot start new user
for the basic tutorial
@discobot start advanced user
for the advanced tutorial.”



Can’t figure out where I find this one…

Edit: found it!


Just got my certificate! haha


So would I be able to still do this? I completely missed it not sure how, but I would like a Certificate. I too, am a huge nerd lol.


I think so, dude. Scroll up and check MadHatters post. Sounds like you can still get it:)


You guys are the best, I still amazed myself on how nerdy I can be, I genuinely got excited as I finished the tutorial. Should’ve done it from the beginning.
hats off to @Mad-Hatter!