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Hello. I’m about 2 weeks into NMS on PS4. Really into exploring and getting my hands on new tech and farming for now, but on my way to Eissentam Hub to find a friend. Following various YouTubers and very excited about NEXT. Not into NMS for the dog fights (with NPCs or PVP after the release), but am jazzed about co-op…not your average toxic newb.

Anyway, I am really puzzled about this forum. What does ETARC stand for? Is this an NMS group or is it a radio enthusiast group or is it a radio enthusiast group stemming from Waking Titan ARG content (super into NMS but don’t have time or energy to delve into the ARG)? Looking for guidance.

[HUB]: ETARC Census

It never really was a radio enthusiasts forum. It was part of the WT ARG from the start and was used as a way to introduce Emily. You can still read the old threads from when she was here. Very interesting. There are some radio people here though. I have listened to SW for years but, have never been a radio operator. Edison Township Amateur Radio uh oh…something . :sweat_smile:


Yep. Forum was started for the Waking Titan ARG and later became the official NMS forum. Old members still call ourselves ETARC but the forum was changed to Atlas-65 when we became official.
Its an older style forum site, not a chat site so you notice posts are often longer and more detailed and there is no trashtalking back and forth like other places. You’ll like it here :grin:


I’m always going to refer to my membership as being an ETARC member! -)

Back in the beginning, A&S created the forums as a pseudo-realistic forum for amateur radio enthusiast. It was actually a “cover” (which we learned later) for Emily to learn how human interactions worked and expose avenues of electronic access for Emily to exploit in the near future.

Emily “created” these forums to interact with others and learn. She was an active poster of videos, was active on responding to forum postings, she did a great job of getting us to care about her and “what we thought were her goals”.

During the ARG, we eventually found out what Emily was and how she duped us to “do her bidding” and expand her infiltration.

Since the beginning of the current phase of the ARG, the forums were changed to a more Citizen Scientist-related forums to share ideas and findings.



And if you take a look at POLL: The Expansive Age-Range of NMS
you’ll see how ETARCians are young…

in their heads :smiley:

Anyway, welcome to you new Citizen Scientist :wink:


I’m in the second largest demographic. 30-39. Thought I was amongst the older players. Haha. That’s good. NMS is a pretty classy game. Its actually the second game I’ve played as an adult besides Fo4 - not counting playing doom on a 486 in 1995.

Is this community for ps4 only or cross-platform (I’m on ps4)? Ty for the info!


So Emily is either a bot or someone involved in the ARG (w/ Hello Games)?


There are also PC players here, soon to be Xbox as well. This ARG has been going on for about a year now, so a lot has happened. Best way to catch up is reading this wiki:

:sweat_smile: It’s quite a lot to read. We feel we are nearing the end now. Have fun as it unfolds. :sunglasses:


The ETARC forum was created by Alice and Smith, the creators of the ARG. Those of us who used it liked it so much, that when the previous phase of the ARG ended, we asked Hello Games to keep the forum alive.

Hello Games agreed. They took over ownership, changed the name to Atlas CSD, and it became the official No Man’s Sky forum - owned by Hello Games.

It’s a very nice place for NMS players to be. Friendly, helpful, and 99% troll-free.


Thank you for the info, comrades! Hope to find the hub in Eissentam before Next comes out (which will probably mean another great reset). Might also check out Etarcia before I gtfo Euclid. I am in the process of building up my game as I don’t even have portal tech yet. Following Artemis path. Doing base quests to unlock farming. Talking to everyone, along the way. I’ll get the glyphs and be up and running soon enough!


Welcome! You’ll like it here! :clap:


Both. Emily is a real employee of A&S and “Emily” may or may not be her real name.

Emily was also our first-point of contact in the ARG on the former-version of these forums. I have direct messages with Emily still in my inbox on these forums. She played the part of a HAM (Amateur Radio) fan, describing how her father got her into the activity. We learned tidbits about her life as time progressed. Towards the end, Emily stopped directly interacting with us posters…because A&S was changing the focus of the ARG.

Eventually we began seeing images of Emily that were distorted and portraying what we Now realize was more of a “Traveler 4th Species” that is now in NMS.

Emily was revealed as a “program-of-sorts” that infiltrated computers in China. Clues and bread-crumbs were dropped here and there. At this point, we are only speculating what Emily is doing and what her end-goal really might be. Emily pretty much has taken a “back-seat” in the current phase of the ARG.



Who or what is processing our voice submissions to satcom-70? Is loop16?


I’m guessing all contributors are going to become the unholy voice of the Atlas…or indeed the voices in its insane mind. :scream:
I’m expecting a disturbing livestream at some point :grimacing:


Or we are all becoming echoes… :scream::skull_and_crossbones:


Eeeek! :scream:


Hey, that just made me think of something.
With bases we move away from, being left behind for others to find( I still dont know how that works),are they also echoes: as in echoes of a past presence but now gone or moved on.
Could that mean we might one day find images of past visitors to a system?
If we get player models at some point, then I’m thinking a ‘visitors book’ at a space station would be a cool little possible extra…
Just an idea…


That would be cool :sunglasses:


The visitors book would be a really cool idea. I can see that becoming “a thing” to find one specific book for all to check in.


Huh. I agree.

When I had my first visitors to my base, I checked to see if there was a registry of visitors in that part of the base where you can change the base name, etc. and where they register. But I was disappointed that I didn’t see anything there.