China's government using brain-scanning technology to probe workers' inner thoughts

Sounds like China is the place to be for this research. Emily either lucked out or SHE IS CONTROLLING/DIRECTING this research!!! (ꝏ)



I read those articles about the same time the WARE part of the ARG started. Kinda scary. :crazy_face:

Well, on the bright side, it’s not the same reading thoughts as reading emotions… In little time, there will be AI programs that will be able to read emotions to almost telepathic accuracy without even touching you.


I know some places already use face scanning technology that ‘reads’ your facial expressions while shopping to gauge your reaction to products. It is kinda worrisome that soon we won’t even be able to hide how we feel. Most of us keep our emotions in check, especially if it is a negative emotion. Acting on them would not be good. If we are being monitored though, then someone else could decide we are a threat. That could go really bad, really fast. This makes me think of the Lucas film THX 1138


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