Black Holes - No longer random?

This came as a very big surprise to me as I was not aware of this, but apparently black holes no longer spit you to a random location but rather now have set output locations.

Thought I’d share the article for anyone who was not aware this change was made in recent updates.


Oh yeah, I forgot, I did discover that. I used to reload saves at black holes to try to get a star sytem closer to where I was traveling to, but a single black hole was suddenly always taking me to the same place. Which means we can now map out “routes” to use several black holes to take you where you want to be, as it seems the players mentioned in this article have done.


Ha! I posted that in another thread yesterday. :grinning:
Very interesting isn’t it? Perhaps @zsigmond could make use of it. I wonder if it will change with BEYOND?


Amazing !!