Beat Saber VR is Incredible and It Has Made Me a Healthier Person!

I’ve been playing Beat Saber VR for over half a year now, and have lost 20 pounds in the process. It’s a great workout and the rocking music is so fun!

Here’s a video of me playing the 6 newest songs that were added to the game:


Glad to hear it’s having a positive effect on your health :smiley: I’ve alo noticed you’re a lot more confident in your speech in videos these last few months! Keep it up mac :slight_smile:

I think the drums in Rock Band had a similar effect on me back in the day, definitely lost some weight geting a workout on those :slight_smile:


Spoonman on the drums. My favorite thing to play with my kids. We had a band we called SouthFork. :sunglasses::partying_face: