Anomalous Derelicts

This here is a derelict freighter.

It’s one of the anomalous thingies you find just flying around. I’ve never managed to find any use for them (mainly because there seems to be no way to land on them).

There is another type that’s in two halves - that one has damaged bulkheads you can blast open with ship weapons, and if you do, you can see a few cargo containers inside - but there’s still no way to get to them.

If you stop to inspect one of these, you will always get attacked by pirates.

As I said, I’ve never found a use for them. But I’ve read reports on Steam and Reddit where people say they got loot from them. Trouble is, Steam and Reddit are full of trolls and liars.

So has anybody managed to do anything useful with them?


I don’t recall which model of derelict freighter it was, but once I saw some frigate sized containers among the debris that gave me resources when shot.


If your refering to the doors that are visible from the inside of the damaged ships, I once shot a door and it broke open. It looked like the crashed freighters on planets. No way to get off of my ship and go in and I receieved no loot from this experience.


Yes, that was my thought, too, I think they may have used the same model (which would explain the damaged bulkheads).


As @AdaRynin mentioned, some have cargo containers, I believe they always (?) contain Chromatic Metal and looting one instantly results in a pirate attack. I have never experienced anything else.


You can only land on those given by Helios on the Anomaly. Those that you encounter at random in space have no landing spot indeed but you generally have a container floating around with valuable stuff in it and you only have to shoot it to get whatever is inside :slight_smile: … Enjoy the game !