And the meek shall inherit the Earth

Patients whilst I attempt to describe what I have discovered. I feel a bit silly, maybe fear of ridicule. It may simply be that alot of you have made this connection and already know about it, yet I found it a bit interesting. A little WOW factor and similarities in our world lately and a bit of a connection to this game we play. And now, the late bloomer will reveal.

I was listening to/ watching on YouTube today the story explained in the most detail about the song/album by RUSH 2112. It turns out it mirrors a book called ANTHEM by a Russian author Ayn Rand. Looking at what else Ayn has in her collection, a book, apparently her last and greatest called… ATLAS SHRUGGED. One cover artwork has a large red spot on it. That story also parallels our headlines and world situation today. And it too, like the other book and very long song/story 2112 covers the struggle to regain individuality and personal expression.
I made the link to this game we play, being in a simulation, there really isnt much individuality, sort of trapped in a place where nothing around is very real at all. Will our ATLAS just shrug, not caring what happens?
Anyway, there is my weird mind, just wondering if anyone else made the same connection, or just recently discovered this as well. I’m going to go sit in the corner now with my back to you and will hate the laughter when I hear it.


The theme of Atlas Shrugged , as Rand described it, is “the role of man’s mind in existence”

Knowing that SM was greatly influenced by science fiction in the creation of NMS, it is possible there could be some influence.


I’ve heard people make connections between The Matrix and struggles with identity, especially from people in the LGBTQ+ community. I’ve always seen this game’s story and Waking Titan as more of like a Black Mirror type thing about the dangers of technology going forward; some of that extends to how this tech could impact individuality, but it’s never entirely the point. This is something that The Matrix was also very much about, so it figures.


I’m not much of a reader anymore, no college education, had never heard of this author until earlier today.
Honestly, the two major things i connected was the word Atlas and the color red on that cover. It got my interest and read further about what the Atlas Shrugged story was about .
Another thing that drew my interest are the last words of 2112, " Attention all planets of the Federation,
We have assumed control, We have assumed control, We have assumed control," Pictured control of the NMS simulation taken over just before the Atlas died .
I didn’t consider one of the track titles on that 2112 album is ANTHEM, so RUSH certainly used that story for the album. No mystery there.

@SailorMamahed Im glad I didnt mention anything about a Matrix, you’d have everyone convinced I was queer, LOL. And no, not gonna be politically correct, Im not a politician. Night all.


Well none of that has held you back from posting an interesting, worthy thread. :slight_smile:

We all probably read and absorb far more than we’re aware of through the use of the internet. Though the origins of some topics might be questionable, its good reading further into a subject to discover if what we are reading is not false, to help make a balanced, educated comment on the world in general. I knew nothing about the author Ayn Rand. Thanks ETARC!


I knew about The Fountainhead because I am a fan of old movies. But I had never looked into the author’s other works. Thanks from me too!


Thank you @sheralmyst ,@johnnycloud. I feel silly now worrying about ridicule over that. I went and reread it before any replies and almost deleted it. “These folks are gonna think Im a wackjob”. I don’t give myself enough credit I guess. I may getting a little touch of cabin fever, I’ve been not working and just hanging out here in the camper trailer since March. I’ve got to myself in “check” with all this time to sit here and browse forums. I’ve been the jerk “troll” over on Steam and go way overboard on people there. Anyone who also reads the NMS Steam forums, I’m sorry you had to see some of that. I’ve got to quit going off on people so much. I don’t dare do that here, @sheralmyst and @DevilinPixy will not put up with that. :wink:
Ok, enjoy the rest of the day, or night, depending, I’m expecting 110 today and I’m parked in front of the AC for now.


I’m far from an expert on the subject, but know Ayn Rand is a bit of a controversial figure. She developed the philosophy of objectivism, and her works heavily push objectivist ideas. I admit I’ve never gotten very far into her works - losing interest when they start veering off into long lectures about her philosophy, which I don’t really share.

Interestingly here in the US, politically right-leaning & libertarian groups tend to advocate for her, because of her concepts of self-interest as the basis of ethics/morality, and the relation to & advocacy of capitalism. However, the same groups will also just ignore the other aspects of her philosophy that run counter to their other beliefs.


I feel fortunate to be raised by the WW2 generation. I recognize most of those actors, watching TV with my dad. He was born 1914 , mom in 1910. I call them Mom and Dad even though I was adopted by them. They brought me home from the hospital after I was born. Had them from day 1. So I too am a bit of a fan of those old films. I would be a completely different person if my real, Vietnam era parents raised me.
That may be why I go off on the Steam crowd so much. I just have little tolerance for not being patient and READING when its all right in front of you, and little for being in this information age, but wanting someone else to do a little research for them. I just find it crazy to not go get the info you are looking for on your own. Its faster, no waiting for replies, no guess work about those replies, the way they contradict each other with several different answers and then the arguments you may get involved in. But for something simple and an excuse to chat with someone, sure thats great. I just really dislike the “But I want you to do it for me” :roll_eyes:
Ok, enough said for now, enjoy.


I understand where you are coming from. In a world filled with more easily obtainable information than ever before, it seems more and more people look to social media for their information and that information is more and more misleading…
I personally love research and reading and using the brain God gave me to reason and meditate. But that takes time and effort. Too many people now don’t want to take the time or exert the effort.
That is why I like the people here. A more thoughtful and contemplative group of people. It is also why I steer away from other social media groups. :upside_down_face:


Hey finnerty, having discovered Ayn Rand and atlas shrugged, I’d recommend playing the original bioshock if you haven’t. It’s heavily influence by and heavily references the author and their work. The founder of the submerged city, Rapture, is also called Andrew Ryan which is a nod to Ayn Rand with a few extra letters thrown in.

If you’ve played other bioshock games don’t let them be representations of the original. It had so much thought put into its themes and plot and also has some meta commentary on gaming tropes and mechanics that is so beautifully executed it causes you to reflect on your entire life experience with games.

Sadly not as much thought was put into the sequels because they had to be pushed out and bank on the hype and the name while it was still prevelant. I even tried to give Bioschock infinite the benefit of the doubt. It was very linear compared to the original, and it had this rail riding mechanic, so I thought, how meta, commentary on “on-rail shooter” games and tropes. But no, apparently that was me just trying to find some sort of depth within like the original game. Funny the one set underwater would have more depth XD

Definitely worth taking a stroll through rapture and experiencing the original bioshock, hopefully hasn’t been spoiled too much on you over the years by way of online videos and listicles etc.


Start this with a “Happy 2nd Cake Day”, and I obviously have roots in Ireland. Started using Finnerty after discovering that name is my grandmothers maiden name.
I recall Bioshock, think it came out around the same time as Fallout 3. I borrowed it, or played some at a friends house, but not enough to even remember much of it. You mentioned a submerged city, i recall so little I don’t remember anything about it being underwater. But recalling the cover, that does look like a deep sea divers helmet. I’ll have to take another look at that game.

I’m in lurker mode alot and listened to some of your music a few days ago without mentioning it. Have you put that on hold?


Atlas Shrugged caricatures fascism, socialism, communism, and any state intervention in society, as allowing unproductive people to “leech” the hard-earned wealth of the productive, and Rand contends that the outcome of any individual’s life is purely a function of its ability, and that any individual could overcome adverse circumstances, given ability and intelligence.

Found this in the Ayn Rand wiki and makes so much sense I had to add it here. To associate it with the game, replace the word “life” with “gameplay”.


Congratulations, you just found the fundamental flaw in Rands philosophy. well done!


I don’t like getting too philosophical…not my thing, too much over thinking in my opinion. But I really liked Bioshock and had no idea it referenced this author.


Absolutely. Rand’s books concentrate on a tiny group of extremely talented individuals, and then attempt to show how those individuals are held back by their responsibility to the larger society. She then attempts to say that we would all be better off if we had no responsibility towards each other.

It’s classic right wing drivel, and completely ignores the fact that we’re not all extremely talented individuals. Even if we were, then purely by statistical average, most of us would no longer be.


She never struck me as explicitly right wing, really, mostly due to the fact that meritocracy doesn’t jive too well with most right-wing ideologies. Her delusion seems somewhat independant of the left/right dichotomy, which at least makes her somewhat internally consistent. In Switzerland we’d call her an extreme liberal, because liberal here means economically liberal which is kind of a second axis to our political spectrum (being right or left doesn’t say that much about your opinion on economic regulation down here), but I guess that term would be very much misunderstood in the international context here…

completely ignores the fact that we’re not all extremely talented individuals

Honestly, the thing that rubs me the most is her not realising that even a very talented individual can’t get anywhere without a stable and relatively egalitairian society as a jumping board.


Precisely what I meant about “responsibility towards each other”. A functional society is a hugely complex and interdependent structure. No part can exist without the others.