About the NMS Next category

Archived category containing all general discussion about No Man’s Sky Next.

This category has been archived, use a current category for posting new content.

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Here are my thoughts and responses for the NMS Next category questions:

  • I am not certain this category will get much new use with NMS Beyond being the current game version. However with the large changes that comes with the updates, having a thread labeled as NMS Next gives chronological context and relevance to the discussion that it contains.
  • As described above, this will mark the discussion as pertaining to the NMS Next update only.
  • I think this category should only be used when discussing that update. I could see someone using it with a comparison discussion. Mostly, I see it as better defining chronological contexts when talking about “the new update”.
  • I think we do need this category for the reasons mentioned above.
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New (sub)categories have been created to allow us to archive old Next content. Whenever a new category is created, it automatically creates a ‘default’ pinned topic with a default text, as seen above.

The content of this default pinned ‘About’ topic, is planned to be changed to have a proper description.

I appreciate your feedback though @LordMarkov. We’ll get this sorted :wink:

Edit: I have edited the category info to match, instead of the default.

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