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Hello All,

on the http://csd.atlas-65.com/# site I tried to add my mail address again and I got the following screen:

The address that is shown here is linked to https://www.aliceandsmith.com/contact/

I don’t know if this plays any role or if this was posted already - I didn’t see it - but It looks like that they are behid the ARG.

Stuff is happening (STATUS updates-Myriad-W/ARE-NEXT)

It is known, and out of game boundaries…
But if one day you would like to organize an ARG, those are people!


Sorry for posting it - I thought the same but as I didn’t find anything on this site I thought it’s maybe worth a shoot.


Been known for a while. People traced the “whois” information for wakingtitan and project-wt. They found Alice&Smith on the same domains listings. They backtraced those to other ARGs which A&S had created and/or currently running. They are the Puppet-Masters and we are glad such a talented, well-versed ARG company creating all this wonderful contest for us to Devour! -)

Do I get any “brown-nose” points?! LOL


Yeah I brought this up earlier, stumbled upon it when the Citizen Science Division came live. My thread was locked by forum admins as breaking 4th wall and outside game boundaries. Since I live in Montreal and they are fairly close to where I work I almost went there to ask them justice for Emily Warren :stuck_out_tongue:

You should probably close this thread yourself, though.