780 avenue Brewster Montreal, Quebec H4C 2K1

Hello All,

on the Citizen Science Division site I tried to add my mail address again and I got the following screen:

The address that is shown here is linked to Alice & Smith

I don’t know if this plays any role or if this was posted already - I didn’t see it - but It looks like that they are behid the ARG.

It is known, and out of game boundaries…
But if one day you would like to organize an ARG, those are people!


Sorry for posting it - I thought the same but as I didn’t find anything on this site I thought it’s maybe worth a shoot.

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Been known for a while. People traced the “whois” information for wakingtitan and project-wt. They found Alice&Smith on the same domains listings. They backtraced those to other ARGs which A&S had created and/or currently running. They are the Puppet-Masters and we are glad such a talented, well-versed ARG company creating all this wonderful contest for us to Devour! -)

Do I get any “brown-nose” points?! LOL

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Yeah I brought this up earlier, stumbled upon it when the Citizen Science Division came live. My thread was locked by forum admins as breaking 4th wall and outside game boundaries. Since I live in Montreal and they are fairly close to where I work I almost went there to ask them justice for Emily Warren :stuck_out_tongue:

You should probably close this thread yourself, though.

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