Who is hosting ETARC?


Since what happened during Waking Titan, i’m wondering who is hosting the ETARC forum now?


Alice & Smith is no longer involved with the Waking Titan ARG having ended. The forum is in hands of Hello Games.


So they come here and check or??


Forum control was handed over to HG at the end of the first season. I believe it was going to just be left as is when the ARG finished up but at some point during the season, probably due to the overall response from the community, it was decided that ETARC would transform into the official forums for no mans sky and its citizen scientists


Waking Titan . com is still running too… Hmm…


Several commands hasn’t been unlocked so far either.
flush, whoami, tango etc.
We’ll see we’ll see… :grinning: :ok_hand: