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Another discovery made amongst the terrain generation within the ETARC hub, this time its an old withered and somewhat eroded statue of Nada.

We see their (apologies that I apply a gender to nada in the video despite the korvax having no concept of gender as far as I’m aware) figure draped in a hooded cloak, resting on one knee.

Their forearm is seen resting on the raised knee and protruding out from under the cloak, their gaze fixed downwards…

What moment in their life did this statue mark?

Perhaps the sudden realisation that they are code, that the history they know of their race, is just flavoured background for a much grander tale.

Nada had a decision to make; fall into despair or take control of their destiny and operate outside the boundaries of the simulation.

But how would they achieve this?

We still don’t know how, we just know they did, together with a gek known as Polo.


I worked super hard on this. Just having a bit of fun before NEXT. :slight_smile:


This is from the galactic explorers channel. Normally, they do podcasts but one of them “Kings” began a series roleplaying as a w/are dreamer:


This is great thanks for sharing :slight_smile: first episode was uploaded on the 16th :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if that was intentional haha. Their podcasts are fun as well :smile:

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The Galactic Hub’s official Youtube channel has launched! Here’s our first video “The Beginning”.


That’s pretty cool, I subbed just see where this goes. I am currently in the Galactic Hub but don’t know if I’ll like the multiplayer HG are about to implement or not so I don’t know if I have a future with the hubs or not and what not…though if I like the multiplayer I’ll likely(at least temporarily) go over to the ECSD hub.

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Thanks for subscribing! you can expect a lot of talented YouTubers uploading content to our channel. Honestly I think multiplayer will be very beneficial to Hubs because it will allow us to build colonies together, possibly trade between each other, and defend our comrades.

Ummm…yeah…about that…I’m not playing any multiplayer with PvP. If there’s no PvE only option I’m not touching that plague and I’m not staying in any hub.


NEXT gameplay on Xbox

base construction
Under water


@kerdorin: I have edited your post to have the link available as a spoiler.

Yes no problem, even if NEXT gameplay explain a lot it is a spoiler ^^ I added 2 other links, there are 3 videos in all.

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I’m so pumped right now. Why on a Tuesday?! I need it now!!

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Tuesday is the traditional release day for anything scifi since Star Trek: Generations.

Orbiter add-ons and updates are traditionally released on tuesdays for ages now. So I found it really funny when I realised that the 24th was a tuesday. :smile:


Two streams being live, before NEXT will arrive!

The Party at the End of the Universe

NMS Convergence 2018


My last cinematic video in Atlas Rises. Here’s to NEXT! Hope you guys enjoy. It’s a special one for me for sure. :slight_smile: