Spelunking - A Tribute to Caves



Going through my gallery, I seem to look outward in some caves…

And then this one just looks like a fish monument that was trying to be a cave…

But here’s a moody one I really liked…


Or maybe it’s “choking” on the stalagmites! :smiley:


Looks like the land is opening up to swallow something



Caves are so underrated! I really think so many people just skip over them anymore. They’re missing out! I wonder how many have entered a deep underwater cave and wandered around underwater for an hour or more? I once did that and came out on a beach above water! It was so amazing. The more you explore caverns or planets for that matter, the more you discover!


I don’t have pics to download, but here is a very short vid I did a little time back.

I have a few cave vids.


Absolutely love exploring caves, especially when you find a planet with caves and water :slight_smile: I’ve come across some beautiful sights exploring them. One time an underwater channel led me right up to the entrance of a base, I didn’t even know the terrain could do that near bases since its always flat.

I’ve video and photos saved of it will share here soon :slight_smile:



I didn’t know that was possible either! Very cool!!