Reddit Fundraiser 'Thanking Hello Games'

A fundraiser was created by Reddit users to buy a billboard space near the offices of Hello Games in order to show appreciation and recognition of Hello Games for their dedication and achievement in developing No Man’s Sky.

This fund raiser was created by:

For more info, see the NMS Reddit below:

Considering the success of the fund raiser, already meeting their goal, they are planning to spend excess funds on giving disadvantaged and sick kids access to gaming experiences at a local special needs school.

The fund raiser will remain active until July 14th.

A new sub reddit has been created to keep everyone updated.

Sean Murray responded on Twitter yesterday:


Saw this yesterday, gushing with pride for this community :3 Didnt know about the excess funds going to childrens charity, thats incredible <3 Genuine tears of joy and love


The billboard design has been updated, the fundraiser goal increased to $6000, and a charity has been chosen for the excess funds.


Update 4 (GoFundMe)

$5,113 of $6,000 goal (at time of posting)つ_つbillboard_update_4_つ_つ/

The response to this has been overwhelming, but in a good way! :slight_smile: I am in awe of the spirit of generosity that has been fostered through this project, our desire to give has spread positivity throughout the world.

As a kid who grew up playing video games, I never could have imagined that gaming would manifest such goodness in reality.

As a thank-you for helping me push this movement absolutely every step of the way, I offer you a couple of important updates:

  • I listened to your feedback and I have brought back the OG black and white design that everyone loved.
  • Some large donors have been in contact with me interested in supporting this movement.
  • Several lunch and beer suppliers have been in touch to see how they can support our cause.
  • A videographer and photographer has been organised for the r/giftofgaming donation day in Sydney, (broken link)
  • Several photographers have stepped forward to capture the Billboard in the UK, this is still being finalised, I encourage further enquiries.

Please follow r/thegiftofgaming and @thegiftofgaming on Instagram and @gift_of_gaming on Twitter to stay up to date with the donation day, and the billboard. Also please help me spread awareness even further by using #thegiftofgaming on any content that exemplifies the spirit of bringing happiness and togetherness through gaming.

Stay tuned, Travellers, there are many more exciting updates to come. Sean, if you are reading, thank you. Thank you for your dedication to NMS and thank you for cultivating such a wonderful community. I’m so excited to raise funds for the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation because of YOUR game.

PS. Please send all ideas and enquiries to
I almost forget, I’m currently searching for NMS cosplayers, know one? Hit me up :slight_smile:


I would love to see NMS cosplayers. If that’s ever actually a thing, we should have a whole thread about that.



All those smiling faces. Just imagine. :slight_smile:
The joy this game brings to so many is just great. Really amazing what all of you fans can do!


We can expect a HG team image at the billboard once they can find the time to visit!

This fundraiser has been a great success! The billboard looks amazing and has been scheduled to be placed at least one more time! Not sure what the duration of placement is though. (I believe the default cycle is 2 weeks)

u/Zaxoosh (Reddit)

The fundraiser made their (new) $6000 goal and currently stands at $6105.
Full Reddit post - We did it! Thank you.
If you want to read more posts about this on Reddit, see u/thegiftofgaming