Poem from Gitanjali (1913) - Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore - Gitanjali


Lovely prose-poem! Thank you for sharing this. :heart:

Prose in english, not sure it is in hindi :wink:

Gitanjali has inspired the “Lyric Symphony” to Zemlinsky


Must look this up…Wow…beautiful…

There is most likely an original version in Bengali (Bangla) out there, but I doubt it is present in the original Bengali version of Gitanjali (1910). This original version contained 157 poems, while the translated version contains only 103 poems. Of these, only 53 are taken from this original, the rest comes from other sources: 16 from Gitimalya, 16 from Naivedja (of which 2 are merged into 1), 11 from Kheya, 3 from Shishu, 1 from Chaitali, 1 from Kalpana, 1 from Utsarga. 1 from Smaran, and 1 from the drama Achalayatan. Wikipedia is less clear about those sources and although I do have some of the original Bengali works (.pdf), my knowledge of the language is insufficient to figure out where it actually originated from.