Photo Mode Filter not Defaulted?

I have noticed that the Photo Mode is showing scenes in a different light than they look to the eye. It is like the Vintage Filter is stuck on.
Naked-eye view

Photo Mode set to default

This does not always happen but it irks me when it does.


On PS4 it is similar.
Photo mode has a slight variation in contrast to the play screen…


I am wondering in this particular case if it is because the moon has rings running through it and the camera is somehow taking into account the dust from the rings, even though I am not yet in the rings. Here is a view from the moon. 20181126154438_1
It makes sense that the scene would have a dusty cast to it from the moon’s surface but not from space outside of the rings.


I notice that storms vanish in camera mode too.
The only way to capture that effect is to screenshot it and crop it later, (which is a bit annoying).


Sometimes in photo mode now, when I move the sun - it doesn’t change the light. I have to close the camera wait a second, then try again


Yeah I noticed this has reset back to the way it was when photo mode initially arrived. Setting sun via spot location doesn’t change lighting or shadows for anything in the scene. However adjusting it by timer does.

And as for the irregularities with in game and default, a lot of the post processing filters added with NEXT are non existent as soon as you go in to photo mode and it seems to be set to the default filter that was used before all the changes with next, so it stands out doubley so. Photo mode if I was to guess, hasn’t been changed or updated since before next bar the odd fix depth of feild slider. It’s why we still have a now useless cloud level slider.


Photo mode issues I see:

  • Often changes the time of day drastically as you enter
  • Rarely shows the scene colors as you see it before photo mode
  • Let’s you “Save” settings, but only for that session. Grr.

I have turned in a suggestion to allow a permanent save of settings.
I also turned in bug reports, including about the time jump. That’s really annoying, especially if you are in daylight and photo mode jumps to night. You cannot turn on the Torch from within photo mode.

In that regard, I added a suggestion to allow on/off/and dimming settings for the Torch from within photo mode during both daylight and nighttime. Some scenes with strong shadows need a “fill flash”. :).


If they do add the option to toggle on off torch within photo mode, I hope they add option for torch to appear at current camera view or at character model, or just allow it to be spot changed. I sometimes use my character model to light up a specific section of the scene with character model set to be hidden via first person cam.

Love your suggestions, would also like to be given the ability to control focal point so you can have a narrow DOF on a far away object, or just give us exposure length and f stop options so we can capture our focal point and depth like with a real SLR :slight_smile:


I’ve also suggested that Hello Games add photo composition “grids” (lines) that you can toggle on/off in photo mode.


  • Rule of Thirds
  • Golden Ratio
  • Golden Triangles
  • Diagonals

These would help xenophotographers compose the “best shot” instead of “winging it.”