No Man's Sky for £19.99 until Aug 21

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From Humble Indie Hits:


@TravelEcho: I changed the category to ‘No Man’s Sky’ :wink:

For me the limited time offer says it is 50% off for another 8+ days, should be August 21st (edited in title)

50% off is currently €27,49 or $29,99

Some direct links:
NMS on Humble Bundle (EuroGamer partner link)
NMS on Humble Bundle (no partner)

Same 50% off on Steam (PC) until August 21st:
Steam (PC)

Also 50% off on PlayStation Store (NEXT edition) until August 21st:
PlayStation Store


Thanks for your diligence!

So weird. I copy pasted the price and the date directly from the page because I couldn’t remember the code for the pound symbol.

From the original link I posted, on the list of games in the bundle the page says NMS £19.99 75% off. and the bundle would be available until the 15th --At least that’s what I’m reading there. But I didn’t actually follow the link. And you are correct, @DevilinPixy .

Thanks for checking it out and fixing it. <3

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All of the titles shown on EuroGamer besides NMS, are actually only valid until the 15th, so I assume they played it safe by adding the earliest date, instead of having multiple dates to sort. I am not sure if any changes were made between you posting and me checking it out.

At least it looks to be correct here, no worries and you’re welcome :heart:


I have to say I find it kind of cool that the 50% off sale continues even after the game will update.

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