Monsterous Encounters


Thank you! That worked great for me!


An easy way to collect the eggs is to find an abandoned building with two rooms, connected by a hallway. Shooting an egg on one side of the building usually causes them to spawn on that side. Just jetpack over the hallway and you get some free time to harvest before they find their way around the building. Sometimes they never figure it out and you can harvest all the eggs :+1:


I have successfully harvested about 4 of these at a time.

Getting the timing right on pickup was the hardest part.

Now for the funny part, I was running back to my ship when I got head butted so hard that I flew out of range and it reset.

Hasn’t happened since but damn I was OVER da ridge!



The technique I use to collect the Larval core is to build wooden walls (first place a base computer and claim the site as a base) around the egg site, then jump in mining laser and collect, the alien horde do not spawn inside and they cannot enter. This technique has been shared elsewhere not sure if on this forum, but it is not one I came up with .

Will try capture a video to demonstrate.


Video of my first ever encounter:


Good reflexes.

I’m too slow. @Aslad’s plan of attack worked for me. Only needed one.


There’s actually five bugs… My multi-tool is missing in photo mode! lol.


I can’t help but laugh at these things…it’s the tiny little back legs…so funny! :laughing:


Tiny little back legs seem to be afflicting a lot of NMS creatures, come to think of it…


feeding time


I wish i could find them funny but it just reminds me that whatever hatches from those eggs clearly has another growth phase that involves gestation inside of a poor helpless creature.

They’re the same legs you see on those sea cows or bovine like land animals.

I think their physical appearance and birthing process is an amalgamation of xenomorphs from Alien and The Thing from, well, The Thing.


So here is my video showing the technique of using 4 wooden walls around a whispering egg site to harvest the larval core unmolested by the biological horrors.

Also as can be seen in this video, make sure you have enough Carbon to build the 4 walls :wink:

Apologies for some fumbling I do not usually play in 3rd person.


It must be the wood. When I used the Terrain Manipulator to create a wall around the eggs, they were slowed down a bit but still made it through to the inside.