Join the Travellers’ Book / Guildford meet-up Saturday August 17th

Enjoy your break. Thank you for all your hard work!


The Traveller’s book has arrived and it looks awesome!


Thank you @MuskelDorff, amazing work and for putting the time and energy into producing this collective love letter/s to NMS and HG.


The cover art is spectacular. Does the bar code actually scan? Thanks for doing this, such a cool idea!


Hi Jack,

It doesn’t, it’s really just the letters of THE TRAVELLERS BOOK “extruded” :slight_smile:



I’ve now received the printed book and it looks great!

The colour images came out better than I had hoped with a standard CMYK print process, and thankfully there seems to have been no cock-ups on either my side or’s! So it’s pretty nice :slight_smile:

The plan is to bring it to Guildford on Saturday, hopefully we will find a way to get in touch with Hello Games and hand it to them directly. If that doesn’t come to fruition on the day, we will send it as a package.

The book contains 4 “blank” pages for us to fill in in the pub on Saturday.

See some pictures of the book: The Travellers' Book - Album on Imgur

The Community Edition - When I get back home, I will add a small section about the Guildford meet-up, with pictures from the event and probably some text. I will then spend a couple of days reformatting the book, and finally, I will figure out how to best share the PDF for everyone to see.

It’s the calm before the storm guys … the rest of this week is going to be insane.

PS: A few people have expressed a wish to help cover the cost of printing, if you’re interested drop me a line on


I just realised I messed up the email address fwhen submitting my nms memory :see_no_evil: been a while since I had a visit from the mailer daemon.

To remedy this guffaw I’ll try to at least fund the printing cost. That is assuming I don’t mess the email up again and accidently send my payment details to a Nigerian Prince :prince:

Pay day is Thursday so I’ll be in touch then :3


So sorry to hear you messed up and not be part of this awesome book :hugs:


Please do resend your submission! Let’s rectify it in the Community Edition.


Print out an erratum addendum sheet and tape it into the back of the book?


I work in a letter press museum, the other day I found a first edition book from 1902 on the science of tidal shifts caused by the moon and the physics in play, it also had a little correction sheet like that in the front :slight_smile:

Edit: im terrible at remembering specifics and usually recall the general gist of things, hence science of tides and the moon and physics speihl.

Here’s the book and the addendum :wink:


Well, I am glad they caught and corrected that. I would have been completely confused without it. :laughing:


The First No Man’s Sky Meet-Up Was A Success! Thank you to everyone who helped to organise, donated prizes, arranged photographers and came along to make the day perfect. Special thank you to Hello Games for the awesome gifts, drink and cake… a very special day and a very special community! :rocket:


That looks an amazing book! Well done @MuskelDorff What a wonderful tribute to Hello Games. And the billboard looks fantastic too, especially with all those grinning faces! :slight_smile: So glad you all had a great day in Guildford.

One of the nicest things about all this was the games given to the children’s charity because of this super community of fans. From reddit here’s a pic:


Looks like the meetup was a great success! I envy all those who were present!
Thank you @LPlaysGaming for the update and images.

A selection of Tweets I came across:


Success! We managed to place the Travellers’ Book and Starman’s Memory Box in the care of somebody who has promised to bring it to Hello Games!

This wild ride is almost at an end … now for a bit of relaxation in London…

Thank you everyone — LPlays, Vanella, Richard Black, Anakey, Starman, MZK, Robotboy, CaptainSteve, Boidgaming, BLONDIE, Chongsparks, Unholy Mr Brown, PVB, Jordan Murphy, Telepath, WoozyPictures, Jennifer Pardoe, Tino Tom, and many more … sorry I didn’t get everyone’s names!!

Thank you to The Three Pigeons for being an awesome venue!

And THANK YOU not least HELLO GAMES for donating cool swag and delicious cake + beer!!!

Who knows… we might even do this again some time!


Great to see it went so well, would gladly take a quick plane trip over the pond if there’s ever another one :slight_smile:

And who knows, maybe HG won’t be so busy squashing bugs next time that someone can swing by :flushed:

Super proud of this amazing community <3


Oh my! Wait til you see the video of the book. I cried. :sob: It is so beautiful. :two_hearts::revolving_hearts:


Awesome, got to see where I ended up in the book. 2:35. Thanks for posting @DevilinPixy and thanks for the creation @MuskelDorff.