Join the Travellers’ Book / Guildford meet-up Saturday August 17th

Yes, I’m planning to do a digital version for download afterwards.


Edit: I put Sunday but the meet-up is actually Saturday, my bad. The date was always right though — August 17th


A small update: We are now up to 85 participants, and steadily growing. You’re all still more than welcome to join!

To clarify a bit, I will only be making the one copy to give to Hello Games, but I am planning to share the PDF of the book for free download afterwards, so everyone can see it. This will also make it possible for you to print a copy.

If you have any reservations regarding this, let me know when you submit (or later) and I will make sure to omit you in the download version.

We’ll also make sure to share video of the finished book, and from the meet-up in Guildford.


Last day for submissions on this so giving it a bump.

I’ll have my email constructed and sent later when I get home, hopefully it’s not too late or troublesome for you to get it on the day of Yr set deadline.

I’ll share my most memorable moment here in the meantime while I gather stuff for the email.

After the hate at launch I felt like a Jedi in hiding, like I couldn’t reveal my love for the game. The reddit page had gone rogue and become Mr robot. No mans high was the only safe refuge but I wasn’t a big reddit user and was more a casual observer of friendly people making friendly no mans sky posts.

Then waking titan happened, and I found etarc, and together we helped Emily and for me that is my most memorable moment. Hello Games came back with force and it finally brought a fractured community together. It culminated with me taking a trip to an observatory in Dublin and taking photos and I realised, I can take a comedic stab against the toxic community using their own rhetoric against them. So I made this photo and posted it on reddit. It was recognised by HG and transmitted during the final stream of waking titan season one. Fellow Irish folk and father ted fans contacted me when they saw my name, said they literally cheered to see that name show up knowing there were fellow Irish travellers out there somewhere.

This was the photo and also a link to the original post.

Now, just gotta condense that down to 200 words :slight_smile:


You could just say “I tatooed myself with an Atlas, nuff said” :smiley:


What up Jippers!

Some of you may know that I have organised a UK No Man’s Sky Meet-Up in Guildford on Saturday 17th August at the Three Pigeons (Pub). We have the entire upstairs booked out for the day/night (starting at 12:00). It would be awesome to meet some fellow travellers, enjoy a drink, some food and share our love for the game together in general!

So far there will be:

PS4 Pro + VR setup on a big screen so we can all play BEYOND throughout the day.

We have started to pull together a few cool items that can be used as prizes, perhaps for a quiz etc. (ideas welcome!)… One of the prizes is a special unique Atlas V4 Pass unlike any sent out during Waking Titan (from HG so 100% real).

Drinks Food etc. all available (I will try to see if I can sort a batch and cover the cost to begin with but generally it will be buy whatever you want yourself when you are there).

We’re hoping to head over to the Thank You Hello Games Billboard during the day for a big group photo.

We even have some folks flying over from other countries which is pretty crazy haha!

Plan to take lots of pictures etc. on the day too :smiley:

Ground Rules: (only 2)

Nobody tries to go and find Hello Games staff or hassle them in any way.

Be respectful to each other and don’t cause any trouble (especially if you are planning on having a few drinks).

Here’s a Discord Link to a little channel we set up for those coming: Discord


Thank you @LPlaysGaming, for keeping us informed.
@MuskelDorff: I have adjusted the topic title to include the day/date.


So exciting and so happy to be a part in the book! Wish I could be there. I am sure it will be a day to remember. :blush:



The book has been finalised and sent off to the printers. In the end, I received entries from 206 proud Interlopers, for a total of 240 pages (the max allowed). It should be arriving to me on Aug 13th, so a couple of days to spare before I set off for the UK for the Guildford meet-up.

I want to thank everyone who participated, and I’m now going to take a few days well earned rest :slight_smile:

Rasmus Keldorff


Enjoy your break. Thank you for all your hard work!


The Traveller’s book has arrived and it looks awesome!


Thank you @MuskelDorff, amazing work and for putting the time and energy into producing this collective love letter/s to NMS and HG.


The cover art is spectacular. Does the bar code actually scan? Thanks for doing this, such a cool idea!


Hi Jack,

It doesn’t, it’s really just the letters of THE TRAVELLERS BOOK “extruded” :slight_smile:



I’ve now received the printed book and it looks great!

The colour images came out better than I had hoped with a standard CMYK print process, and thankfully there seems to have been no cock-ups on either my side or’s! So it’s pretty nice :slight_smile:

The plan is to bring it to Guildford on Saturday, hopefully we will find a way to get in touch with Hello Games and hand it to them directly. If that doesn’t come to fruition on the day, we will send it as a package.

The book contains 4 “blank” pages for us to fill in in the pub on Saturday.

See some pictures of the book: The Travellers' Book - Album on Imgur

The Community Edition - When I get back home, I will add a small section about the Guildford meet-up, with pictures from the event and probably some text. I will then spend a couple of days reformatting the book, and finally, I will figure out how to best share the PDF for everyone to see.

It’s the calm before the storm guys … the rest of this week is going to be insane.

PS: A few people have expressed a wish to help cover the cost of printing, if you’re interested drop me a line on


I just realised I messed up the email address fwhen submitting my nms memory :see_no_evil: been a while since I had a visit from the mailer daemon.

To remedy this guffaw I’ll try to at least fund the printing cost. That is assuming I don’t mess the email up again and accidently send my payment details to a Nigerian Prince :prince:

Pay day is Thursday so I’ll be in touch then :3


So sorry to hear you messed up and not be part of this awesome book :hugs:


Please do resend your submission! Let’s rectify it in the Community Edition.


Print out an erratum addendum sheet and tape it into the back of the book?


I work in a letter press museum, the other day I found a first edition book from 1902 on the science of tidal shifts caused by the moon and the physics in play, it also had a little correction sheet like that in the front :slight_smile:

Edit: im terrible at remembering specifics and usually recall the general gist of things, hence science of tides and the moon and physics speihl.

Here’s the book and the addendum :wink: