Is YouTube Doomed?

And at the end of it all, when youtubers are using the f word and marking Not For Kids everywhere…what keeps the kid from watching it anyway?..if their parents do not monitor them?..


I doubt YouTube will be doomed, although they have been losing lots of content creators to other alternative platforms due to making stupid decisions over the past years. This is just another decision made to cover their own ass, although not executed well. I do however believe that any content creator is responsible for what they present on YouTube. It’s just that YouTube doesn’t provide the tools to do things properly.

In this case, if your content looks like it may be aimed at kids (even though it isn’t), you’re supposed to mark it ‘for kids’. This is the case for a lot of content.

Marked for kids:

  • No notifications
  • No comments
  • Not found in search
  • Not suggested/recommended
  • 90% less revenue

You’re basically doomed if you are trying to make a living off of kids content. Might as well turn YouTube into an ‘adult’ only site. Although to be honest, I wouldn’t recommend kids watching YouTube anyway.

If you mark your videos to be NOT for kids, then you risk consequences if kids may find it ‘appealing’. In no way will kids be warned for this content, which is what I don’t understand. These are the videos making money, showing in search and being suggested. This is the content any kid will run into on YouTube, even if it is ‘marked’ to not be made for them.

Of course you can just set an age restriction, which will result in not being monetised, nor getting any ads. Considering I personally don’t want to make any money with my occasional content, nor do I wish for others to make money off of my videos, all of my videos from now on, will be age restricted, simple!. Of course not suitable for content creators trying to make a buck.

All-in-all, I personally don’t really care. I suggest those who do, to find alternatives, whether as a viewer or as a content creator.


And therein lay the problem. We adults love cartoons and video games that are not for kids.
Too bad YT has shot itself in the foot…I wonder what the pay is for a YT video reviewer? OMG, I cannot imagine having to sit and watch every video…IF they even actually do that.


YT doesn’t review videos, they’re using bots for that. Bots that are highly fallible, of course, so every now and then there’s a “scandal” big enough to warrant an actual human looking into it, but apart from that, no human soul curates those videos.
Quite frankly, building a business model off of youtube as a content creator is extremely volatile, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. You have to realise that youtube is not really interested in that kind of business model. Youtube has never been profitable in terms of tangible revenue. It provides data that google can put to use in other areas, and an invaluable testbed for algorithms, which is the thing google is after most of all. So anybody trying to build a living based on a partnership with youtube has to be aware that youtube is only very half-heartedly into it.


Yes. Though I believe they are saying this review will not be bots but actual humans. Not sure how realistic that is though.


If I were to guess, a video will only be reviewed if elevated to be an issue.


For Youtube creators scared of being fined by the FTC (as I was) this video should provide some relief. Youtube can still destroy your channel if they want, but at least the government probably won’t be knocking at your door.