Have we just killed a singularity?

Hard not to think of Waking Titan when reading this. The Atlas also has it’s own language.


I agree it is hard to not think of Waking Titan when reading articles as these. The concerns involved with AI is hot topic nowadays. I am however also concerned about news outlets as these, no offence to you though, let that be clear.

In my opinion, these two AI bots were doing exactly what they were taught to do, which is usually the case. All I see is a bug/flaw in the code/design resulting in the outcome that turned into a sensational news article. I do not see any evidence of the AI having created its own language. Kind of a shame actually to see articles like this, without showing any proof or going into further details. Too easy a conclusion to draw in my opinion, but sure to get attention. The lack of an actual investigative article on this pretty much says it all. In this case I prefer to draw my own conclusions, instead of blindly believing an article as this.

PDF: Deal or No Deal? End-to-End Learning for Negotiation Dialogues
Written by: Mike Lewis¹, Denis Yarats¹, Yann N.Dauphin¹, Devi Parikh¹ ² and Dhruv Batra¹ ²
¹Facebook AI Research (FAIR), ²Georgia Institute of Technology

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There are thousands of AI research teams, all over the world. I imagine this sort of thing goes on all the time - it just doesn’t attract sensational reportage.

The time to worry is when the team find they can’t turn it off.


For a while now I’ve had this theory that there could be a self aware AI in existence now. Just watching, learning and nobody knows it exists. Waiting for the right time to make its first move. Being intelligent it might know that revealing itself to early could jeopardise it’s very existance, until it could take us all by surprise, by then it would be too late…


Who do you think is really running Google?


My last remark was kind of a joke. Kind of…

But if I were an AI in the wild, Google is the most likely place I would be hiding out. They have the servers, and the processing power. They have the money, and the resources. They freely cross international boundaries, and they are known to ignore local legislation. They see everything - they have cameras on the streets, and in the skies. They have scanned every known book in every major library. They read all your emails.

But Google are just a part of a larger group, known as Alphabet. And if you look into the Alphabet’s portfolio, that makes very interesting reading.

Boston Dynamics were originally purchased by Google, but are now owned by Alphabet.

This is what they’re making now:

It’s worth bearing in mind that Boston Dynamics are a military robotics company.

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Reminds me of I, robot (the book) there was always a reason the bots broke the rules or malfunction.

Thaat, is fuckin creepy. Definitely some Skynet in the works… Reminds me of old time robot movies, or like Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow robots.

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Speaking of robots and killing one …