Fauna 🦕

Found this in a Permadeath game…then I died. So this is the only pic I have.





I found my settlement in my permadeath game. Apparently the system authorities blasted them a crater to settle in because it has cliffs about three quarters of the way around. On one side the cliff sliced through a pretty huge cave, which I thought might be a cool plus. There are a lot of minuses here compared to my regular game settlement so I was needing some fuel for my enthusiasm, and I jetted up into the cave hoping for…something.

It comes with these cool cave rat turtles!

I think they must be spawning in the cave somewhere, because there is no exit and I haven’t seen any of them above ground. The cliff apparently sheared off where the mouth of the cave was.

So as overseer these are officially MINE, right?

I also came out of the cave with twenty-two pearls, which at this stage of the game was a significant haul.

If I can manage to avoid falling off the cliffs and dying this is going to work out.




This is the picture I have been thinking about for a week.

Still haven’t managed to scan one though.


Ran him thru the Egg Sequencer at the Anomaly



Now that is cute! :slight_smile:
Imagine though… you could do the reverse… :fearful:

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Has anyone successfully scanned one of the giant worm things? Tips and tricks?

I am finding that they are generally out of range, even though their huge size makes it seem like they are close enough, and when they are close enough they are moving so fast that I have yet to get a lock on one.

I am considering hitting up vendors for upgrade modules until I have a solid stack of maximized range enhancement on the scanner but that seems like a sledgehammer approach and costly in nanites if there is a better option.


The giant leaping sandworm things cannot be scanned.
They are more of a ‘temporary phenomenon’ than a permanent fauna.
In fact, I think these may be juvenile versions of much larger ones we never see. Once they mature they leap into space & off they go, space-whale style.
That’s my theory anyway.
Occasionally, you may come across an immense skull floating in space which is very much like these worms if you get a chance to study one up close using the camera mode.



That’s extremely problematic for my obsessive need to complete fauna surveys.

They do show up as the red dot of an unscanned animal. Other than the difficulties presented by their size and speed I can’t think why they would be made unscannable. I might go Captain Ahab here…


Yes. I have also had them turn up as the last fauna needed to complete my list. I will have to revisit my crater base to see if the one there is still dotted. Have never been able to scan it. I think it moves out of range too quickly.

What I learned from the first round of Captain Ahab’s hunt for the great white spacewhale:

I have this base that I managed to build right in the path of a worm freeway. I mean, they blast through there ALL the time. With worm hunting on my mind after my last post I loaded my save, which is at my save point in that base, and sure enough in a matter of seconds there was a worm!

Probably thirty seconds.

Okay, better than probably. It’s an approximation, but it is verified as about thirty seconds because I reloaded, repeatedly. Identified the direction, homed in on exactly where the worm would appear, got as close as I could get.

Wondered if the worm would kill me if I managed to be standing where it came out of the ground, which would give me an admittedly weird sense of accomplishment.

It was too far away. I could get a ‘scan,’ like you get when you look at a building with the scanner active. Immortal worm…with a ‘planet beacon’ for stomach contents? Okay then. Could not get the click at the critical moment to scan it…maybe it is unscannable? Still not sure.

But I looked at my autosave and it was five minutes before my save point. Unloading and shifting inventory no doubt. Anyway, I figured with an extra five minutes I could get myself to ground zero.

No dice. The worm appears about thirty seconds after loading either save. Not sure what to make of that.

And on the LAST attempt that I had time for I got that weird clicky sound that I get frequently when I am trying to scan fast moving bird beasts and hit the mouse button close but not quite the right time. I think I was so close…


Try immediately zooming in all the way.




I’m feeling the love too. :heart:


I dunno exactly what I feel from the sentinels when I eat a gravatino ball, but I don’t think it’s love…


Next to the food pellet …