Fauna 🦕


Nah…it just eats occassionaly, :smile:






Anomalous Animal


I always thought that they’d be bigger …



Changes gender when… ? :smile:


When it’s confused?
How big was the animal?


I haven’t seen much colour for a while so this yellow butterfly was kinda cool and the curious split wing of the other ‘thing’. They’re both probably deadly to humans!

What was deadly were these monsters! Nasty pest, no sooner than you get out of the ship they sneak up on you. Despite the planet being so pretty in an odd way it turned out to be extreme everything, sentinels too.

I managed to escape, but only just.

But then even the sentinels joined in the chase!

These few just looked on and laughed at me. I’m sure they were laughing… o.O

As for the nastiest of them all, it looked pretty cool stomping about, trampling after me.

I even tried hiding behind a tree. That went well…

And then things went dark. If it’s one thing that scares me it’s the dark…

Everyone else ran off. So I did too.

But even my cave wasn’t safe. Sigh :slight_smile:

I did manage to make a couple of friends despite the beasties.

Before I escaped to the peaceful oasis of my current home planet once working for Captain Kirk was over.

Mind you don’t step into the water…


I’m still trying to find this creature. My note taking has been really bad of late. I can’t actually remember if it was friend or foe.

Friend, I think. Who just happened to want a Hollywood contract… :smile:


Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a predator this big… The big ones are usually not aggressive.






Hmmm. Which finger does it extend, I wonder? ROFL




Awwww…a family portrait. :smile:


Anomalous Animal