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Anomalous Animals




Major Mudoken vibes off this guy

Just gonna have a little sit down here

If you’ve got it…





I think you should win an award for finding the most bizarre NMS creature ever. :trophy:
Just hope that one extendable finger is not pointing at you. :scream:


It’s why I like NMS - never know what you’ll happen upon.


@projectcartwheel - Bloddy good shot, mate!

And for a couple weird critters…





Rhino Dino


well it used to be at one point in time…


Found this lonely grazer by the ocean, contemplating life and junk I guess.

This guy was down in a cave and one of the biggest creatures I’ve found underground. Was between 6-7 ft and too big to enter the tunnels that led in and out of its home… I doubt they get much visitors so I stayed and threw a marrow bulb party.

Spent time travelling around with this heavily armoured but friendly herd


First Rock Runner encounter…


I havent seen anyone else encounter them yet either so as far as I know youre the first one here to do so, or at least the first to report it. And now, some questions :raising_hand_woman: :slight_smile:

Do they show up as a discoverable creature?

Is there any way to discern them from other rocks or any giveaways like a slight shaking or furrowing animation that kind of thing?

I’ve a few paradise planets where I’m missing one creature and have searched far and wide so I thought maybe it might be a rock creature as I hadn’t really been searching there for it.

If you don’t want to spoil the surprise for anyone feel free to PM me :wink:


Heh, they do exist! First one here too :smiley:


No precursor indicators, It completely took me by surprise. I didnt actually try scan it even.

Also I had already been mining the rock for a bit before it jumped out of the ground , legs extended and it started to run away.

I tried triggering it by mining the same rock type and even other rock types and did not get another one to appear.

I really wanted to get a video and will do my best next time, but very unpredictable it seems.