CSD Shortcut

For some reason my shortcut for the forum disappeared from my phone. I can’t seem to get it back. How did I get it there in Chrome? :roll_eyes:

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It depends on the phone, year, build, make aaargh but should be something like “Add to homescreen” from the menu in Chrome or long press on the (edit) homescreen and add widget/bookmark.


Yeah. That’s my dilemma. Android 9 (pie) on a moto x4. It seems like something has changed…

I have an old iPad stuck on iOS8 and the whole site just stopped loading on it sometime last year. Actually it weirdly stopped working for like a month, then came back for a few weeks, then went down for good. Sorry, I know that’s completely unhelpful, just commiserating. :stuck_out_tongue: Hope you get your issue fixed.


Apparently I now have a pin option. Previously it was a shortcut option. Sometimes I have to wonder if devs just have nothing better to do than change things just because…