College payoffs

no that is not a typo

the committee is full of bull shit
putting 2 lost teams ahead of zero loss teams

just full of bullshit

2 big10 teams in the top 4

so stupid, the talking heads should just shutup!!!

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A long time ago, my grandpa managed Yankee Stadium. He adored baseball. Years passed and finally it cost so much to go to a ball game, most people could not afford it. And if you could, there was no way to afford the classic ball game bonanza of hot dogs and peanuts. He was so disgusted with the greed that he never watched another game.
Money money money money money…no matter what type of ball game it is. All the same.

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yup, i just find there is no way to justify 2 BIG10 and 2 SEC teams as the top 4. really sad. AND the talking heads should just shutup!!! lol