Atropos - The first Procedural Surival Experience...coming to W/ARE



The first procedural survival experience taking place on a single hyper-realistic world. Set in the universe of No Man’s Sky, Atropos merges procedurally emergent gameplay mechanics with a painstakingly handcrafted Sci-Fi world for a fully realised standalone experience that changes with every playthrough.



Did you make this L? Those images are incredible!


Check out the Team page to see the full studio staff! :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh wow! That’s an awesome collaboration lineup! Though personally I think you would fill the role of “spokesman” better :smile:


Haha yeah maybe… we tried to assign roles that lined up with our actual tasks within the team. The concept for the game was mine and I bought the team together so I guess this fits too :smiley:


I heard you are going to the live drop on Sunday; I can’t wait! I hope you are able to stream it!


Awesome ! :clap:


Love the one with the fish :slight_smile:


It was so much fun!!! Thanks for joining the stream too :smiley:


That one was from our Lead Artist Stoiyan! Absolute masterpiece for sure :stuck_out_tongue:


I wish I’d known about the drop sooner. I was only a tube ride away!