Screenshots v2.0

I love the new food stuffs. This is my favorite so far.

I wonder what food you can make from it? Anyone have a chance to try the new cooking system?


Started a new game so I have not made it that far.
I figure we may need a thread for recipes etc…depending on how much there is to it. Since we will be judged by the guy in the Nexus, it might be extensive.


Can anyone tell me how to get to camera mode on PS4? It’s probably right in front of my face but I can’t seem to find it.

Press down on the D-Pad, its the on the far right.


Into the beyond

Ok ok I’ll try that one…

… Good call. First home at the back of beyond.

One of the locals

Watching the universe pass by…

This one hit hard


I love the larger view of Discovered fauna!


Haggling with a Gek. I hope he doesn’t think he is leaving my Freighter with this gold-piped beaut…he better find another way home.

Still one of my favorite things to do in NMS, stand aboard a Frigate and inspect the fleet.

If only some of those walking NPC’s were aboard…


For me the far right icon is ‘recharge’. I’m playing in VR if that makes any difference. Maybe it unlocks later or it’s a bug?

Yes, that does make a difference. I saw @toddumptious was having a similar issue, maybe he has an answer for you.

Would be cool to have a thread for screens of food plants/ingredients and recipes.:thinking:


Feel free to start one. :wink: Have not reached the recipe stage yet. I assume there will be quests.

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Alas, I was too busy running for my life to take a screenshot of the plants. But I do have a couple ingredients I collected in my in my already overstuffed backpack …:upside_down_face:

Will be going back in to the game in a couple hours and will see then.

Had a little dispute with some nasties on my origin planet:

I got three eggs from the ground and killed four of the Monstrosities from the roof with my puny starting beam until there were too many of them to make it worth trying for more. Nice early game windfall.

I love exploring in this game. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Have some ingredient pics ready to go! Not sure I really want to eat any of them, :nauseated_face:


New tech. Good thing I was still on the starter planet and had no Units or I would have grabbed this ship just to get his tech:


My new saves start area has planet South :upside_down_face: I can’t remember if that was the name of the one I visited during the community event with this structure


I find the life of a Gek very intriguing. So I decided to follow this one through an ordinary day at work.
At first, he left the room, annoyed that I was wasting his valuable time.

When he saw what his stocks were doing, he soon forgot about me and busied himself with selling and trading.

Back at his desk he tried to take advantage of my inquisitiveness by getting me to look for some lost item. I told him no. Is he crazy?

Then he sat down to take a break. I started to giggle. Then I laughed…he asked what was so amusing.

Ha ha! My feet touch the floor and yours don’t.
He tossed me out…I think I have been banned from this trading post.


I forgot to take a pic but I saw a little forlorn looking Gek sitting in a space station.
He was looking down and shaking his head while kicking his legs back and forth.
Was an image of sad-cuteness I never expected to see. :slightly_smiling_face:


Over 1000 hrs in and now … FINALLY … boy were my legs getting tired!

But I’ve got good calves!


My base:

View :



Personal space! … PERSONAL SPACE YOU FREAK!!!