Screenshots v1.7

No Man's Sky Photographers!

Our journey continues with yet another sci-fi…

Guy asks for a ℞.—Doc says: “Dude, it ain’t writer’s block; It’s traveller's overwhelm!”

Diagnosis reads: “Gameplay, paintings, poems, music, spoilers, majestically bazaar, simplistic, probabilistic, soothing/sublime, adorably monstrous, dangerously cute, joint exploration, solo contemplation, popular, should be popular, probably a good reason not to be popular, that time when the game glitched and ProcGen melted before you as you watched your 16 cohorts be catapulted into dual singularity, Mother Atlas and her Sentinel Minions, ok I made all that up myself :face_with_hand_over_mouth:, just simple stuff and whatever…”—Dr. Crim | ℞ reads: “Creative Sub-Category

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Purge thy Sanity!

May the force be with thy trigger finger :selfie:

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