Screenshots v1.5-1.77

The link above is through the browser. It is a public Steam Group.

From your Steam client, click your account name, select ‘Groups’, then from the left menu, click ‘Find a Group…’, then enter ‘etarc’ in the search bar and the ETARC Community should show up.


Made me both laugh & cry (I can’t play till the 20th. )


Last Next screens from today:

Discovered a “Pillared Moon”:

Glitching Separators?:

Maybe for use in Logic Gates?:

Where have I seen that baleful orb before…?:

Crystalline Critters! (Wish I had a video):

Final shot --Back at the station-- me and the NPCs just chillin’ before logging out. See you all BEYOND tomorrow, my friends! :heart:


It would be interesting if those collectables could be used as plug-in components for the new base tech. Something along the lines of an organic power source or a shield generator or whatever.
Admittedly such a concept might prove dangerous at a couple of my current bases, which are simple structures surrounded by tons of collectables. Might accidently create a wormhole to fall into :hole:


The Contemplation of Stars

The Reflection of What Once Was

Loops n' Hoops n' Neon Rings

The Winding Riverbed, Dried but Not Forgotten

A Maze of Caves, of Cubes and Toxic Exposure

3 Rings n' 2 Moons

Am I Squid or Am I Man?

Should I Swim or Should I Fly?

Where Water Meets Land

I am but a cloud, a mist—a mere man among squids and a squid among the stars.


New Screenshots Topic for a new era.

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