Base Pics are Amazing

It’s awesome. I’ve never seen one change the colors like this one does. I hit the mother load when I found this planet :heart::heart:


I finally found it !!! Look at the last planet on MacForA Day’s video of his creative mode. The purple/blue landscape. Please please hello games give it back to us.

That landscape in his video was a planet like that that had my most beautiful base ever, and I spent hours and hours in the beautiful of those colors. Please check out the video and you’ll see why I miss it so much after the NEXT update.

I hope Hello games will give that back.


Now I’m working on my underwater base. Enjoy!

And Goodnighte


Far from my best build,and still a wip, but just figured out how to flip the pieces again , so thought I’d share :slight_smile


Those pads look great the way you used them as a decorative item. Landing on them must be awkward though, especially once you get out of your ship :rofl:


Thanks. landing on it is a bit disorientating, it flips you over as you come in :slight_smile:


That’s awesome looking lol, especially the ships on it. Tell me, how are people making bases out in space? I’ve seen a few pics now of peoples bases out of the gravity, and can’t for the life of me figure out how they are doing it.


lol ty just messing about really. Its not in space though its about 1500 units high built on a high outcrop on a low atmosphere planet. Build up 60 levels at a time, delete repeat. About 240 levels is max height but go up to/over that and the whole base seems to be deleted on reset.

Anyone’s welcome to visit the system if you’re on ps4 normal. Theres a few bases, small castle, couple sky bases and some farms :slight_smile:


Vertical Horizon Farm - come nab some Gravitino Balls! - u/nmskibbles

Link to the post


Wow awesome Dersvr, and thanks for the explanation, and unit count for it.
I’m going to try to make another sky base as I enjoyed my first one
Nice to know what the max level is so I won’t glitch mine out building it too high.
These space bases re awesome!

Beautiful views. :smiley:

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With the Visions update, the water colour changed to red. It appears to be tied to the sky colour. Other than that, I am happy to see everything still looking fine.


pfiiuu… :sweat:

I didn’t go to see mine yet… I gotta say that I am a little scared to see what happened


My frosty ocean planet now has a nice orange/brown sea that looks incredible from space though it becomes like an optical illusion that far out, the ocean seeming like dirt and the dirt seeming like frozen oceans. Hope to share some comparison pictures soon :slight_smile:


My underwater base is now on a colorless planet.

My main base planet is the same except the sky has changed colors. It was blue.


Again it’s happening like post 1.38.
Found a perfect planet… and who knows what it became now… I’ll post some pics tonight :crossed_fingers:


I wouldn’t worry too much unless your planet is one of the rarer ones. My underwater base planet is A Vile Anomoly…or something like that. So it actually looks probably more like it should have to begin with.


The changes aren’t too bad at all, although the world where my sky bases are changed from no atmosphere to an electric cube world…so they gotta go lol. On my main system the diplo world changed from orange grass to green and Im on a vermiculon planet that went all…normal :slight_smile:


Here is my new skybase. You’re right Dersvr, it only goes so high, and if you try to make a base up top to further go higher, it says you already have a base lol.
I had a blast and am not done with the interior, but it’s a beautiful view!

Also I have here my bubble farm base. I included the coordinates for it, but I haven’t put any flora inside the domes yet. I spent about 15 hours yesterday on these two bases plus looking at all the new stuff in the update :smiley:


Mine is on PS4 Creative mode. I’m sad that we can’t see other people’s bases depending on the modes we are in.


That looks really good. Im moving mine soon, the clouds are really glitchy since the biome changed


Thanks Dersvr,

I only fell off one time too. The first sky base I fell a ton of times. lol.
So far I haven’t noticed any cloud problems, but the base is pretty high above them. When I was making the stairs in the clouds, it was weird because I couldn’t see anything until I got above, or below them. It was weird. That’s probably what you are talking about them being glitchy.
Sadly no aircraft have landed on my landing pads but mine. I’m thinking they don’t go up that high, since I’ve seen them fly below.
Some uncharted planets on a couple of my bases, there are no aircraft anywhere.

It was really weird too, that right after I downloaded the new update, and had been playing for a while there were 15 people who had joined my game which only happened right after NEXT dropped. I had to kick all of them. I checked my settings and and it’s set to only have people join my game by invite, so that was messed up.

Oh yeah you know those terror’s that are underwater, that will pull you towards them? You can shoot them with a either boltcaster, or pulssplitter, and they turn into one big eyeball and take off. I couldn’t catch it either. lol

Good luck with your new sky base. I hope the clouds don’t get glitchy on you. Thanks again for your advice, mine turned out great!

Happy Traveling.