Win10 Frustration


There’s a handy little program, can’t remember it’s name but I believe it’s from the same people that make spybot, it removes all of those annoying, invasive and pointless apps and background processes Microsoft insists you have so they can gather better marketing and user data (yay?), and it automatically stops new updates from resetting these back to win10s defaults (seriously why have Ms not gotten sued over this crap yet? Or have they?).

Remember the “hey everyone gets win10 free if you update now” debacle?

I had a netbook that would have been crippled by win10 minimum requirements, and I kept saying no everytime I booted up. Then they changed the side that yes and no were on after people had gotten declining down to muscle memory, luckily I spotted this. I know of two friends parents who got caught out by this and it bricked their system. Microsofts helpline recommendations? Update your system spec or buy a new laptop.

Then they changed the choices to “yes” or “yes but schedule it for another day” with a tiny little hidden option down the bottom for “no”.

They even fired their entire windows team at one point during its development because they had ethical problems with what Ms wanted to do with their new OS’s and consoles (remember how awful XB1 was going to be?)

This was in the height of data gathering, before Snowden came out about NSAs backdoors and collusions with large tech company’s and while it was known to some before all this about browsers and websites gathering user data for third parties (which you had to go far out of your way to turn off) it was a long time before countries and governments brought in regulations to make companies be transparent on the data they’re gathering and who they are sharing it with.

That’s the unfortunate thing about regulations, shit has to really hit the fan before they’re brought in, and it’s a slow process. Take motor vehicles for example, it took many lives before regulations like seatbelts being required in all cars was a thing etc.

Sorry, feeling very anti corporation today XD some of my rambles are half remembered nonsense facts but you get what I mean.



Sorry ( I live in florida but I leave everything on UPS for extra regulation), and I don’t know what I would do with out the constant hum of them … :wink:

ADWCleaner by Malware bytes that’ my goto when a machine is slow and shouldn’t be.


PS can’t rant about MS, I am Certified by them :slight_smile:


Maybe I should hire you then…you could probably make a good living just travelling around taking care of ppl’s win10 issues…and see the world while you’re at it. :smiley:


So long as there is internet I can work :wink:

For the most part unless it’s an actual hardware issue most of the work I do is remote any more.

Don’t get me wrong travelling is a small part of what I do as well :slight_smile:



sorry to revive this thread…well, not really…I just have to relate my most recent win10 experience.
Because of the issue with NMS and the Community Event, I decided to give Win10 another fair shake. I fired up my laptop and hesitantly connected to the internet. It started its usual searching for updates thing and immediately locked up my laptop, forcing me to sit and wait…and wait…until I could no longer stand it and had to disconnect. In the meantime, it synced with my gmail (which I detest) (had to go digging through the settings to turn that off AGAIN) but the best part of the story…my wallpaper suddenly changed… to the very picture at the top of this thread…so ironically fitting…
The end result of my latest win10 fair shake…my apps are unusable…why…because the latest update corrupted the user profiles…so I have 2 options…wait for a future update or…RESET MY PC!!! That is like sticking in the Recovery Disc…it deletes EVERYTHING. That is the only way to create another user profile so that my apps will work…God help us all.


If you can still login, you can go to control panel, then administrative tools.

There is going to be a local users and groups, right click admin and enable, the right click and set password.

Then you can log off, REBOOT necessary step, this will clear the lock file on your ntuser.dat this is your profile registry.

After reboot, you can login as administrator, go to c:\users<yourusername> right click and rename it to <yoursername.old>.

Log off as administrator, then log back in as your username, this should generate a new default profile.

You can now move back all your documents download, favorites etc from username.old to c:\users\username.

Hope this helps.


PS sorry I didn’t reply sooner


Good to know. Thanks! Every place I look it says reset PC…which I ain’t doin’ :grin:


Always remember, when you


You lose. :rofl:


I use Win10 and am fully aware that “Windows” is a licensed virus! :crazy_face: