Will there be an updated ps4 soon?

Does anyone know or have heard if Sony will be releasing an updated PS4 later in the year?

I’m asking because when I bought my PS4, about a month later Sony announced the Pro version. And had I’d known there was a better version coming, I would have waited for the Pro. Last thing I want to do is upgrade to the Pro, and soon after hear about a newer Playstation is on the way.

Maybe it would be called the PS4 Pro XT or something…

I don’t see them releasing the next gen until 2020, maybe late 2019. Well I hope that’s the case since I just got a PS4 Pro :sweat_smile:


No new PS4 hardware has been announced or is rumored in any capacity other than PS5…nobody really knows when the PS5 will launch but it should be around 2020…the earliest estimates place it late 2019. Obviously it’s all rumor but I’ve seen no credible sources suggesting there would be any new console of any sort from PlayStation this year.

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Maybe a hand held (psp3 or Vita 2) to compete with the 3DS and Switch but, no new home consoles until PS5.

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We know that Sony has patented a switch type handheld a few years ago with removable controller halves but we have no idea what’s going on with that if they are going ahead with production or if the concept was canned.

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It’s been my experience, that Sony are waiting for either one of us, to get a pro, before they announce a new sleek version that mines for cryptocurrency while you have your eyeballs blasted by 4k. Oh, and it also sounds 25% chirpier.


Never fully understood why they didn’t develop the DS4 controller’s native motion capabilities for use in games… its a shame but im guessing one issue at least was power consumption considering they thought a big light on the non-visible side was sooooo important which I guess has something to do with the camera and tracking for VR…

Anyway, I don’t think Sony will release another version of the PS4 now, ‘NEXT’ up will surely be the PS5… Maybe then they’ll release a farewell final edition of a PS4 for collectors and the like - not me though, going to sit tight and trust my v1ps4 will hold up long enough - UNLESS of course ‘NEXT’ destroys it :scream: !


This just made my day haha

E3 is coming up in a few months right? Might be best to wait for Sony’s big E3 show before committing to an upgrade