Weekly Community Event Season One - General Discussion, tips and Feedback


I always do a manual save before starting the events, but I haven’t had any issues returning to my previous planet, and all players go to the same planet


Thanks. I’ll do a manual save and then make a backup.

edit: SaraStarwind - thats a good idea, in case I die and lose all my precious stuff.


Also if you can avoid it I would recommend not going into your ship once you go through the portal. I always wait until I come back through the portal before I go in my ship. That means I also never save it until after I go back through the portal.


:sweat_smile: I always take my ship, explore all of the planets in the system which is actually needed in this event. If I get stranded well, I guess I will become part of the lore. :open_mouth:


I had this too! lol and i took a screenshot which i’ll spare you since you’ve taken care of it. It fixed itself for me after a while though and I thought the same thing you did. The servers must be unresponsive at that time. I really enjoyed this weeks event. It was too short though.

Do you think all these events are building up to a larger story addition (or a big week 8 event) that will help explain one of the ‘larger new features’ mentioned in the notes on the NMS site? I hope all this ties in well with the lore.


I don’t know about a “big week 8 event”, but HG have clearly thought about this sequence. The dialogue was written well in advance of the events. They’re clearly leading up to something.


This about sums up my experience in the last 2 community events…just not fun…


This is the second time that I’ve had this problem. This time I selected the option to see my portal address, and exited. The active portal closed. I walked away so the control post retracted, switched off of the community event and then back and waited until it told me to go to the portal (a few seconds). I then walked to the portal is all was good. I don’t know if this is the shortest sequence but it didn’t take too long.


Attemped my first Community Event. Says week 4 of 8. PS4 normal.
I get a new purple icon on screen (kinda looks like a sentinel) saying "Portal’.
Out I pop out on an icey world with a factory marked.
I toddle off to do whatever is required, blow up a bunch of sentinels and a few quads and my 1st 2 walkers.
I zip off into space to have a chat to Polo then suddenly my PS4 says the update is ready to go & drops to menu.
I reload in & as soon as I exit the Anomoly, I get a string of messages that blah-blah and bing-bong (and apparently all their friends) are joining my game. Freeze frame, hung screen.
Time to reload again.
This time I turn off internet & reload.
As soon as I load I gallop off through the portal back home. (I’ve had enough saves wrecked to take chances…)
Inventory says I’ve got quicksilver…not sure if its the right amount but I’ve successfully completed a community event…I think.
I presume you have to buy things before the next things become available…is that right?
I thought some trees to plant would be cool but none show up at Mr Googly Eyes shop. Am I missing something?
I need a lie down now… :crazy_face:


Know what’s even crazier? The sentinel thing was last week’s event.

It looks like because you were behind on updates, and because you didn’t do previous events, this week’s event just triggered the last one available to you. You probably got 2000 quicksilver for completing the first stage of it. Usually there’s a second stage where you have a chance to get a lot more (which you can do anywhere, not just on the portal planet, which might help avoid your crashes). Quicksilver is spent in the new shop in the back room of The Anomaly. All items from previous weeks will be there too, and you can buy things in any order. Hello Games said they’ll be adding additional ways to get quicksilver, so don’t worry about not having very much right now.

Now that you’re updated, the rest of last week’s event is probably not available. You’ll have to check your mission log to see for sure. Hopefully, if things didn’t get too screwed up, you’ll still be able to start this week’s event. It should begin the same way, with a signal from Polo.


Got over 4000…

I’ll give it another go since it looks like it glitched halfway through…


Got another few thousand Quicksilver doing the new Bpundary Failure mission… but still no trees…?


I have read about issues with the new shop items not showing. Unfortunately I have no clue why these would not show up. For some reason the shop has just not updated for everyone, even though the mission apparently has. Makes me wonder if the Discovery Network Service has anything to do with it. One would however assume this to be added client side with the update, instead of relying on the network. Hope it fixes itself or gets sorted soon …


The quicksilver shop also has filters which sometimes I accidentally press as I enter the shop, could it be you’ve accidentally filtered it with those super sensitive shoulder buttons?


Ok. I’ll have a look. I’m often plopping my remote down on the couch or getting mugged by our puppy so I could well have bumped a button.


I note that in the latest community event (week 4?), anyway, the one where you have to find distress beacons:

There is a message from a mysterious “old friend” Traveller we are supposed to recover. It comes in a number of parts. However, each beacon site offers its section of the message in two halves, and each individual player can only see one of the halves.

The only way we will ever see the full messages is if we share them. So I suggest we do that, using spoiler tags.


OK, Remember, messages 2 - 6 are only half of the possible information. I’m hoping others will supply the rest. Here goes:

Message 1

Message 2

Message 3

Message 4

Message 5

Message 6


I got the first couple & then I simply couldn’t get any more wrecks to show up. Freighter ERROR log worked once but then that was it.
At least I got a bit of Qs before it stopped working.


It will work with crash sites on any planet. Once you’ve got the first one, you can leave via the portal, and find crashed ship sites on any planet you like.

You can find crashed ship sites:

  1. By using the signal booster and 1 navigation data - look for distress beacons (note - this only has a 1 in 3 chance of finding a crashed ship - it also finds abandoned buildings, and observatories).

  2. By solving the puzzle at a transmitter station. This has a 1 in 2 chance of a crashed ship - it also finds crashed freighters, which are not what you need.

  3. Look for the blue dot on your radar (see picture).

I’ve put in a red arrow to show the dot. Your ship radar detects all nearby ships, crashed ships included. All crashed ships have a distress beacon.

All occupied planets (those with buildings containing NPCs) have crashed ships. Pick a planet, pick a direction (the only ones on your compass are N and S, so choose one - it stops you from flying round in circles). Fly slowly, fairly close to the ground. Within 10 minutes, you’ll see on of these blue dots pop up. Follow it - it’s a crashed ship.

  1. You can find crashed ships by sight. It’s probably the hardest method, but it does work. Fly low and slowly on an occupied planet, and you can often just see the things.

After the first report to Polo, you get five further chances to report distress beacon data. And there’s still 6 days to go. You can still complete the quest, and get the max quicksilver.


My “Message 1” was the same as yours, so here’s 2-6 for option 2.

I probably made a mistake on message 4, because I got the same one you did.

Message 2

Message 3

Message 4

Message 5

Message 6 (which had 2 parts)