Weekly Community Event Season One - General Discussion, tips and Feedback


How do you make an inverted biodome? :confused:


It involves an awkward method of placing doors and ramps to door at angle, deleting door and placing new door on angled ramp, rinse and repeat until door is rotated upside down and then you can build anything upside down. This pac man base also has a small building with upside Down farming planters.

I may not be 100% on the method but that’s the jist I got off of @Mad-Hatter when he explained it to me yesterday :slight_smile:


That’s a pretty awesome base, I’ll have to go back to take a look as I missed it the first time.

Also, when I went to the building to do the thingy, and was attacked by the sentinel dogg, I noticed one of the smaller drones stopped shooting at me and started healing the dogg! I didn’t know they could do that!


It requires some trickery with objects that have an angled surface with snap point. You would have to place for example a Pyramid, then really quick move to another part and snap it onto it’s angled surface. Being quick is the key here, or it won’t work. This used to be somewhat easier in earlier versions of Next, as the part required was just next to it in the list. With the latest patches, new items have been added (Community Events), ending up next to the used parts for accomplishing this. So now quickly changing to the correct item to snap with an angle is even harder, as it requires additional changes in the build menu. I would have to give it another try and see if I can create a macro to do this for me instead.

@toddumptious: It used to work with the ramp attached to a doorway back in Atlas Rises, but this no longer works in Next. In Next the ramp is removed when deleting the door attached to it, which was not the case in Atlas Rises. They have however found new clever ways to get this to work. At even better angles, if I may add :wink:

Pretty sure I posted this before some time before Next, where I used the old Door/Ramp trick and some additional placement trickery. Managed to have both domes meet up like a ball, Both domes are actually accessible as well. Was far from easy though!

ETARC Dome - Atlas Rises


I have two main saved games on the go at the moment. One is a new start from the launch of NEXT, and the other is a legacy game.

Today I opened the new start game for the first time in two weeks. I did this specifically to make sure this game got all the available quicksilver from the community event.

So I was surprised to find that this game already had the quicksilver purchase items I had bought in my other game.

It hasn’t happened with earlier purchases, but it seems that as of the last patch, quicksilver purchases are shared across all my saved games.


I had wondered about that, since technically unlockables should be unlocked for all savegames, but never bothered to try it out since I’m only playing on one save anyways.


I did not see this on PS4. I had to perform the weekly challenges for both my normal mode and survival mode saves with no quicksilver nor quicksilver purchases being shared.


As I said, it only seems to have happened with the latest patch, and only with quicksilver purchases I’ve made since that patch.

The quicksilver doesn’t get shared - just the blueprints for purchased items.

So, for instance, in one of my saved games, I purchased the robotic companion. Now all my saves have the blueprint.


This is great news, hopefully it makes its way to consoles soon and maybe they can eventually backdate it like a welfare payment :joy:


Okay so not sure if this is 100% but this is my understanding of this week’s community event.

If you listen to the signal it will give you a hint as to which planet in the system you need to align the boundary break structures with, at least that’s what’s seemed to work for me every time once I realised this.

So it would be good to research the planets in the system first so you have a lower failure rate.

For Example

“Acquired [REDACTED] among the fungal clusters but - kzzkt- the whispers - kkzzzzzkkkttt- the voice of the Atlas from the mountains…”

From this we know its a planet with fungi and mountainous terrain. Xemb Tau is the only planet in the system that has fungal mold and selecting this gives me the a successful signal alignment.

I’ve been collecting screens of all the signal messages, hope to get them up and share soon but if anyone has any good to go, feel free to share them.

I wonder if they’re set or if they’re somewhat procgen in nature?

Remember to blur them for anyone still working through the event or yet to start.


HG dropped a great easter egg in the week4 event! But spoilers for the end, so don’t read until you’ve finished!

The final data package retrieval at the space station gives a galactic coordinate sequence to submit to Polo: 0A00:009F:0A01:0100. I figured might as well translate that to portal coordinates (*10020202201) and check it out myself. I went to planet 0, and emerged on a dead world named “Purgatory”. There were a few very distant comm balls, so I flew to them and it became obvious where I was - this is the Unification Day 2017 system! The comm balls I saw were all completely buried, except for one… check this out @Polyphemus:

The actual UniDay17 planet was 210020202201, so I went there next. It’s still a lush world! Unfortunately that’s it for the story, nothing new there to discover related to week4, at least not on PC. Still an awesome easter egg!


I wonder who’s comm ball one might find on PS4? :slight_smile:


This week’s conversation with Polo about another anomalous being

And these were some of the messages I received describing the planets in the system I aligned with.
I missed the first one as I thought the listen to signal option would just play one of the original Telamon stories from pre next and got lucky with selecting the right planet first time off the bat

Did everyone get similar messages? I wonder if there are only one unique message per planet in the system?


What my clock showed for time remaining for this event flying to the portal.


Were the Discovery Services offline? The amount of days shown is very close to Unix time (January 1st, 1970). Odd to be about a week off though …


I just finished the event :slight_smile: Had some issues getting started though, as the community portal has always remained active since the very first event. This time however, it did not allow me to input the new coordinates given by Polo. After interaction, the portal would turn inactive and responding like a ‘normal’ portal would. No Polo option at all. Had to reload my auto-save, to have the portal active again, go through to visit last week’s event planet, return, to then finally get the option for Polo’s new coordinates.

Once I got it working, all was fine. Really enjoyed this one, resulting in a nice surprise Easter Egg, if done correctly. After having visited the Anomaly station to buy the new items, I quickly returned to Eissentam again, as usual. I prefer to be back in my own galaxy, to not risk any possible issues being a visitor.

Finished the remaining quest in no-time, by visiting my Boundary Failure base planet. This part was a bit disappointing though. Would have been nice if some more flavour had been added, instead of repeating the same thing over 6 times.

All-in-all, the best event so far in my opinion. Although short, I enjoyed it :slight_smile:


I’ve also had similar portal issues for these events. For me, I haven’t been able to reuse the same portal two weeks in a row. If I contact Polo in my home system it’ll send me to the same one, but successive weeks only show me the normal activate options. I’ve had to alternate between starting in my home system, and a nearby system, every other week.

I think I also liked this week’s the best so far, even though it was shorter. The follow-the-trail style of it was more what I imagined when they announced the events.

@toddumptious: Yup, those are the messages I got as well.


Same for me as well Todd.
I also enjoyed the “puzzle” even if it was simple - it was a nice change of pace.


I’m a little behind the times, my week 3 Screenshots.

Portal to the underworld? under waters? ocean?


Hello all,

I haven’t started any of these community events before, as I always seem to be busy on other stuff (real life and in game), but is it easy to get back to where you were before you started the event?

I don’t want to end up thousands of light years away from where I am now.

Also, does everyone have to go to the same planet or is it different per player?

I’m sorry if this seems like stupid questions, but most of the time I’m perfectly happy to just fart around on planets, so my experience of the wider game is lacking. e.g. I still have yet to use a portal.