Weekly Community Event Season One - General Discussion, tips and Feedback


OK. There is a specific sequence of events you need to complete before the quest conditions are met.

I didn’t mention these in detail earlier - I didn’t want to give too many spoilers. But…

  1. When you go through the portal, you should be directed to a manufacturing facility (armoured doors).

  2. You have to blow the doors off, enter the facility, and use the terminal inside to access “sentinel data”.

  3. When you access the sentinel data, the whole area goes into high alert. From this point on, the sentinels will not stand down. A dog sentinel is automatically summoned.

  4. You then need to go outside the manufacturing facility, and kill the dog sentinel. You can kill drones if you like, but they don’t count. The only one you need to get is the dog.

  5. Once you have killed the dog, that section of the quest is complete. Don’t bother killing any more sentinels. Certainly don’t hang around for the walkers to show up. Get back in your ship, and head into space.

  6. You will receive a radio message from Polo (if you don’t, you can trigger it by pressing the C (scan) button.
    Upload the data to Polo, and he will give you 2,000 quicksilver. End the conversation.

  7. It is at this point that the Anomaly should appear, along with instructions for you to visit the quicksilver vendor robot.

  8. Once you have visited the quicksilver vendor, you should get a message saying that you can now kill sentinels anywhere in the galaxy.

  9. Return to the planet, and go back through the portal. You can now kill any sentinels - they don’t have to be dogs. Drones are fine.

  10. Remember, you will only get quicksilver for the first 25 sentinels you kill. And you will get much more if you hand it in to Polo in quantities of 5 or less.

  11. once you have handed in data from 25 sentinel kills, you will be asked to return to the quicksilver vendor robot in the anomaly. Once you do, the quest is over.


Yes. I think I messed up because I ran up the hill nearby before I got the dog…when I went up the hill, I got the message that I had fulfilled the mission even though I had not and my mission list immediately showed this

Now it shows I have done all of these things even though I have not ( I really only got as far as reaching the facility and I got the dog after my mission list showed that I already had done so) resulting in the Anomaly not showing up.


Thank you for the heads up!

Also, does anyone know the sentinel kill limit for quicksilver? I seem to recall @Polyphemus stating that it was around 25.


Odd I am not seeing a community quest initiate for me since I completed Week 2 :confused:, going to be home soon and try to see whats going on in space. Fingers crossed.


What they have done in the past is release the community task a day early on the experimental branch, so us adventurous types can test it, at the risk of losing our saves if it’s very buggy. Then, if it’s OK, they’ve released it the day after on general release.

If that pattern had been followed, I would have expected a general release today.

However, there were a lot of bugs in yesterday’s experimental patch. So much so, that HG released a new hotfix late this afternoon, which we’re now testing. So far, it looks good. I think the bugs have caused HG to delay the release of the next community event for a short while.

However, as I said, the hotfix looks good so far. I would expect the next community event to drop some time tomorrow.


Yes, it’s 25. Well, 26, if we’re going to be pedantic - because you have to kill a dog sentinel at the start - but that’s a different section.

Remember, don’t go and kill all 25, then hand in all the data at once. You lose 1,000 quicksilver if you do that.

Kill 5, go into space, hand in your data. Go back, kill another 5, rinse and repeat. You get far more quicksilver if you hand over the data in small numbers.


Just as a FYI I always go back through the portal after doing whatever I need to do on the planet for the community event. Basically I never get in my ship after I go to the portal and when I return and go into space, Polo contacts me.


That was a big word.
Polo and company contacted me after I handed in a bunch of missions at a space station. Seems the log advanced to the next mission and the community event inserted itself. Once you kill the dog, it’s a pain to explore because scanning from a starship always summons the Anomaly


Patch today fixed my issues with the community event…so nice. :blush:


Not as big as ophthalmologist. And nowhere near as big as antidisestablishmentarianism.


Just change mission selection and it will not contact the Anomaly.



I haven’t had a patch since late yesterday afternoon.

Time zones?


Me feeding the local fauna at Wichukchiinic CSFD HQ Week 2

More, there cute, except for the deformed one at the end, and the blue one

My current robot companion. Did I miss week 3 on Ps4?


Week 3 hasn’t properly started yet…all you’ve seen so far was from PC experimental, we’ll get to play it when the next patch arrives.


Possibly. It was a very small update. Did you get it yet?


Not that I know of. I got the main patch (244.6 Mb) on Thursday. Then I got a small hotfix (46.6 Mb) late Friday afternoon. Since then, nothing.

I think that after the intensity of the immediate post-launch period, HG have now relaxed a little, and stopped working weekends.


Okay, I think the hotfix is what fixed my problems. I probably just got it later because I have not been able to play everyday.


Hate to take the current post count away from 117 (shout out to my boy, John-117) but happy to say community event week three is alive and well on console and it seems they’ve extended this one for another week since the counter is currently at six days.

Just wanted to share this base that is quite close to the portal and building for this week’s event on PS4, props to whoever it is out there that built it. Good show, traveller.


Happy to report I participated in this Week 3 event issue-free. I was expecting possible issues using my ship after going through the portal. But it went well. Left a comm at one of the few bases nearby. Heard one player from China but no communtication. Funny thing I did by mistake, I used a japanese phrase “Konnichiwa” to try to say hello. Anyway, after the update, I have 0 issues.


Just stopped in at a trade post on the event planet, what happens by?

Red ones go faster! :sunglasses: