We need to talk about Emily

It has been mentioned and I can’t remember the guys name but he said that her hair is different in each of her Vlogs and her hair in the glitched one does match her hair in one of the Vlogs, but he did highlight this could have just been recorded at the same time as doing the Vlogs, hope that made sense lol

Am I the only one who saw her morph into a Forth? Not the mechanical floaty-head ones teased… The bug-eyed grey aliens that were datamined forever ago!
I’m having such a Mike Dawson flashback…

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Yes, it seems that her face is changing during the Video into something different. For one Moment it looked for me like Gek-Eyes. That’s really creepy :open_mouth:


Probably just an artefact of the video glitching. Emily’s eyes have the look of someone who’s suffered thyroid problems, which is exaggerated by massive contrast shifts.

The picture of the “bug-eyed grey aliens that were datamined forever ago” is a Gek. It’s only grey (and labelled as such) because the images in-game are textured in layers. It’s a base image, needing further textures.

However, within the game, the Korvax have been planting synthetic constructs within the Gek community. And it’s important that the Gek don’t find out. Now that may be something worth following up.


It was something totally different to a Gek… Some might have those sort of eyes, but none have beakless mouths and bulgy heads like that!
Look at it again and tell that is a Gek or a simple video distortion…


i have the isolated audio from the new Emily video if anyone wants it.


I’d love to hear that. Can you post it here?

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It’d be great to know what she was saying… Got a “I’m all right, don’t worry” from my intuitive side… followed by a "Uops, camo failing, let’s let them know I’m… Creating a new race of aliens, that were here all along, and now I’m one, if you catch my drift.
There might be more factions than we were originally considering…


looks like this worked

100% speed https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Byku75TESiI3U0tkRkp4RDZieGc

38% speed https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Byku75TESiI3Rmt3U3NDcktlVzQ

EDIT: a better recording by @Malveka https://forums.etarc.org/t/emily-glitch-video-analysis/1793/35?u=duckduck


Ok the rumbling noise I think maybe something this can anyone do this??


i have the time but not the knowhow?What do we need?

I found a program that’s is supposed to do this but I will see will update soon

update: put it through my program but didn’t turn any results

38%, Without a program, I hear an AI running a speech algorithm… learning to say “forth”. But could aswell be a faucet.


Oh man, that video is as fascinating as it is spooky.

Hope I didn’t open a can of worms,. Back in my day, when ye were mostly non existent, we captured radio transmissions on cassette, yep, and ran it thru our Commodore 64’s. Sadly, I have not kept up with it thru the changing tech.

So I am not of much use…I can’t even figure how to upload this pic which shows how we rolled back in the day. Long live BASIC. It rules in my heart…


So there was a faucet!! My analysis was correct at a 50% so far…

So, I watched her vlogs 1-4, I didn’t see the little thing with eyes over her left shoulder, which is in this vid from yesterday. There was a notebook there instead. Am I missing an old vlog ?

I believe rhe eyes you speak of are a little cat ornament

Maybe this programme could do it if the audio is run through it??

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I was looking at Sophia Dubois’s April 7 pdf again, and this stood out to me:

Leighton and her team are working with Echo on a method that would allow the process to identify and aquire the information it needs directly and independently.

This seems like indirect evidence that Emily is indeed an avatar of the Atlas process, probably by using an existing Echo to give it the ability to communicate. I suspect that Emily was(is?) a real person at some point, quite likely someone that the Echo team personally knew. She might in fact be the first Echo, F.A.Y.