Vote for the name of the person we saw on the stream:

VOTE For the name of the person we saw on the stream at twitch.
PS. Doesnt Rocco sound good !!

I prefer the sound of Rococo, personally…

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Twitchy McTwitchface

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Percival. :cheese::ramen:

Bob all the way

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He’s an X-Man.

Didn’t he hold up a sign saying “My name is Rocco?” Also… If my inner John Carpenter knows anything… its that Rocco will be the first to go, because Mr Noodles is in fact the Alien overlord

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Dunno… “Rocco’s Hamster” just doesn’t have the right ring to it… :smile:

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He might be JJ shrugs

Maybe a slight reference to Roko’s Basilisk?

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Martin Ohara

I didn’t get to see the stream very long…missed anyone visible on it. Is there a video posted showing the person?

I can’t devote the time to this as I could a month ago. Getting my Life on track takes priority.


Swiss typical name xD

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It says its your birthday!?


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Here ya go: [pic]

It isn’t Andrea, Genivieve, Melissa, or their Web Programmer. And he/she doesn’t match any images on their Facebook pics. So I am guessing it is the Student Intern who isn’t named on their LinkedIn. So…yeah, I am guessing Jacques/Jacqueline J.

I think it’s Keith… definitely a Keith.

(though at times I think it’s Emily in disguise).